Tuesday, December 21, 2010


So alot of us in blogland were inspired by Ashley @ http://littlemissmomma.blogspot.com/ and her BFF post.  It allows the opportunity for us to get to know each other.   So here are a few things you might not know about me your BFF from blogland.

This is me....MJ      B is my other half!

I LOVE TO TYPE IN CAPS......(and will do it often in this post, Im not shouting!)

I hate some of the little rules about online chatting, blogging ex....the caps rule WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL!

When I was 3 I started dancing and dreamed of being in the Nutcracker ballet. ( I quit at 12 when mom moved us)

I hated not growing up with my father.....realize now it was better for me.

I have 6 tattoos all on my back and neck area. (my favorite is above...our monogram)

My mom was a hard worker to provide for us, but didnt do a good job nuturing us.


I love knitting/crocheting but dont tell anyone because I feel old ...lol (NOT ANYMORE)

I have told each one of my children that I love them the most but keep it a secret (how do you answer that question, but to say yes to them)

I love pizza, pasta a rice & beans.

All of my tattoos have a specific meaning and Im about to get another patch of them in 2011.

My house is like the United Nations with all of our Nationalities combined (makes us more unique)

I'd love to host a blog giveaway but not because I want to have a million followers....just to give something away.  

My bio-dad (deceased) was not accepting of my relationship and he died while we werent speaking.

I really didnt think I would ever find true love (you always think your in it until its over)

Im very picky about childrens names and middle names matching

I have 5 children......4 girls and 1 boy

I have always had long hair and in 2007 cut it off and now get new short style every 3 months...

Not a fan of having people pay for tutorials.....If you blog to share, then share!

I always wanted to be a designer, but due to a young bad marriage in my previous unhappy life that didnt happen ( Parsons was my school of choice)

Elizabeth Maxson gives me such inspiration and is a wonderful person to talk too (well in my case 2.a.m. email to..lol)

I have a personal note written from Christy Turlington (famous model in the 80-90's) now married to Ed Burns.    I think she is so beautiful and I use to idolize her as a little girl.

My husband is black-caribbean and some people have issues with it (if you do well then I will pray for you)

I love God but dont feel I need to go into a building with a cross on top to speak to him.

Hate...hate...hate to fly but loved flying out to California & stayin with my husband before he left for Iraq.

I think its rude that people assume because a child isnt the same color or doesnt look like the parent that its not their child (believe me Ive been asked.....SO RUDE)

Im  a dog person, not a fan at all of cats and I HATE reptiles and insects.

LAUNCHING A NEW JEWELRY SECTION IN MY ETSY SHOP on January 1st (and im terrified)

I was baptized Catholic, but then chose to be  re-baptized Christian along with my husband.

I have an Etsy shop and love creating things....but deathly afraid of failure.

When Im shocked or surprised I say SHUT UP.....some people dont get it.

Im definately a Jersey girl, but hate living in NJ and want to move to SC or FL in the next 5 years.

I didnt go to college ( I went to cosmetology school instead)

I loved going to the Nate show (he was so sweet and adorable)

Think unpainted toes is ugly....I'd rather chipped than none at all.

Hardly ever spell check...I post then read then edit. lol

When Eddie Ross commented me and followed me on Twitter as I do him  I felt like queen for a day.  He is so talented.

I rearrange the furniture or accessories in my rooms at least 3 times a month (I CANT HELP IT PEOPLE)

Oh and yes, I have the right side of my hair shaved and have been known to rock a mohawk like Pink.

PROBABLY MOST KNOWN FOR BEING A DIET PEPSI ADDICT (no seriously...I get headaches and really cranky if I dont have a glass by noon).

WELL FOLKS I THINK I COULD GO ON FOREVER BUT ......that would leave nothing be to blog about next year!

Go on over and visit Ashley my new bff and all the other ladies who want you to get to know them too.


  1. Nice to meet you! My tattoo is very special to me too and is on my upper back. The design is actually my blog button :) Love the list, Lady! Following.

  2. We sure have a lot in common! I have two tattoos,both have significant meaning. I don't mind all caps, I GET it! I have had short hair cuts and now trying for long so the opposite on that. Who cares what color your husband is? And well you get the gist....Have a very happy Holiday Melanie!

  3. Wonderful list! I had to laugh at the one about telling your children you loved them most. My kids are always accusing me of loving one more than the other. That's a tough one to navigate. Sounds like you have a beautiful family. Happy Holidays!

  4. I love your list! I live in SC and have my whole life, we would l-ove for you to join us :) (Jersey accent and all--haha, I'm kidding, I get called out for my Southern one a LOT)

    I have an Etsy shop too (two, actually) and am so self-conscious about things I make, that it keeps me from listing things! Hang in there! :)

  5. I love the realness of your blog. You sound like a strong amazing woman. I will be visiting again soon :) Thanks for the comment on my blog. Your inspiring!


  6. I LOVE your list, I LOVE the all caps, I LOVE the tats, I LOVE your honesty--and I would love to sponsor a giveaway on your blog for a ring and pair of earrings from my shop! What do you think?

    thanks for linking up BFF!


  7. I move things all the time in my room's also!! I am never satisified on how things are arranged. We have so much in common!! Happy Holiday's girly!


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