Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Well Ive been back from my break over a week now and Im running around here like a chicken without a head. The day after Thanksgiving I started packing up and stripped down the rooms of the main floor of the house.

 The next day I started brainstorming my ideas and setting up the basic backdrops that I could add to later.  I wanted to do my rooms different themes/color schemes then I have in the past because we are in the new house this year.  

 I will be posting tours of each room individually but I was so excited about the Holiday Linky parties that Im trying to put together a little something to participate.  Last year at this time I had not yet started blogging so this is all a new experience for me.   The ladies of blogland rock when it comes  to holiday decorating  Debbie, Lynda just to name a few.

 I hope you all are having a blast decorating your own homes and Im enjoying touring them all from the parties.
This is our animal print letter J that usually resides in our tropical living room year round.  I just relocated it at the bottom of the fireplace.

The is one of the side tables in the living room as well (notice the tropical plant in the back..lol) I cut fresh greens from the bush out front grabbed 3 little ornaments and placed them on top of a box my husband sent me while he was deployed in Iraq in 2009.

This is the top of my antique buffet in the dining room.  I have created 5 separate vignettes here.  I have a thing for 3's and also symmetry...I'm working on it okay!  In the center is the funky Advent Countdown Tree I created with my 2 eldest daughters...each cone is filled with candy.

This is on top of the antique credenza in the dining room.  One of my apothecary jars filled w/ rust colored ornaments, a candle stick with a wooden rosary from Puerto Rico and an empty bottle of Petron tequila (love the shape and top)

This is in the kitchen on top of the hutch.  A lit eucalyptus tree w/stocking ornaments Ive started collecting.  The jar is actually hand-painted and has a country christmas scene.

This is the bottom of the hutch where Im displaying burlap stockings and one of my Joy pillows from my holiday line.

I will be linking up with the following lovely ladies for their fabulous holiday parties:

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  1. Everything looks great...such cute stockings:) I’m hosting a Christmas Open House on 12/9…would love to have you come by and join in on the fun!



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