Sunday, December 5, 2010


Well it gets extremely cold in New Jersey in the winter, and we live near the water so its also very windy as well.    I try not to keep too much on my porch, I keep the wicker furniture and some pots usually.   Last year fence panels and solar lights were destroyed so Im being more cautious this year.

This year I decided I want a simple exterior and was again inspired by:

Ballard Design Catalogs

This entry is so classic & clean to me...I love it!

So again here is what I came up with for this year (keep it mind I have 5 children who adore decorating for Christmas so its not so much about the designer look for me) I want a nice looking home that says Happy Holidays!

I went shopping in the garage and found a basic faux wreath and hung my "JOSEPH" stocking from (previously in kitchen. lol)

I also shopped the garage again and found a 8ft piece of faux garland and created a little swag that I will be adding to with fresh greens from our huge tree out front.  I also relocated the 2 ft tree my 3 year decorated in the dining room.  I put it into my favorite urn and ta-da my own little outdoor lit tree.

At 10:30 on Sunday.....after my teething baby fell asleep I got around to sprucing up my door wreath w/ fresh cuttings from our tree outside.  I need to work on the swag next, but Im posting and will update later. (I'll be adding till Christmas Day!) lol

You can see the fresh clippings from our huge Christmas tree out front have a silvery tone to them...I like it.

Its's lot fuller now.  Now sure if I want to add a bow or not and if so in what color. lol

Our Holiday Door.

Link up to my favorite hostess of fabulous parties:

Centsational Girl

UPDATE 12/6:     It was bothering me that the wreath was round and my glass insert of the front door is oval.  Well thankfully it also bothered Olive over at http://oliveout.blogspot.com/ ( not really lol she just commented and told me that she had a similar door and shaped her wreath into an oval).

Originally the frame was very hard and I could move it at all, but 9 a.m. this morning as I'm standing outside while its snowing (yes just little flurries in NJ, but still a wonderful sign for a possible white Christmas) I couldn'
t but stare at my round wreath on my oval door.    So you know what I did...........wait for it.........I squeezed that bad boy into an oval.

Thanks Olive for the little push....I love it so much better than before.


I finally braved the cold weather and went outside to bulk up the swag above the door w/ some fresh greens. Even with gloves on my fingers were not only frozen but and beaten up from the sharp needles on the branches.   Here it is (no decision on a bow yet).

They are now the same width/style

Simple & classic

This is our beautiful Christmas outside in front of the house

These beauties have not been kind to my hands this year


  1. A girl after my own heart. Love the simplicity of it - so very pretty. I love me some Ballards as well. Visiting from Metamorphosis Monday :)

  2. I love the classic look, too. It never goes out of style. Your little tree in the urn looks perfectly festive all lit up.
    Happy Holidays
    My best- Diane

  3. Simple, festive, and elegant. I have an oval door just like yours and I bend my wreath into an oval. Visiting from BNOTP. merry♥O

  4. Your entry is beautiful. I love the simplicity of it. I think it is perfect just the way it is. Hugs, Marty

  5. It is lovely, It has been way too cold for me to even do my front porch. Hopefully soon.


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