Saturday, December 4, 2010


The kitchen is the heart of the home.....and I stand by that notion as well.   I love my new kitchen although I still think I need more space. lol.

This year since I have my black beauty hutch in there now, it will be  hosting my Christmas teapot collection along with a few other items.

I didnt really decorate other areas of the kitchen because theyre in use constantly throughout the day with a family of 7 and friends visiting in and out.

Hope you enjoy......

This is how the hutch was finished off yesterday (Wed)

One of my teapots, my santa pitcher and a mini treat jar.

My eucalyptus tree holding my newest love....ornaments w/stockings on them.

This was a gift from my friend Chacha...she has a 2 ft one and I loved it so much.  

Burlap stocking adorn the drawer knobs, and a door hanger from my Etsy shoppe.

A folkstyle santa birdfeeder and a snowman tray from an estate sale.

My nutcracker mini tea set from Bombay Company (1994)

Kitchen side of my pass through area...thats the back of the manger.  I have my baker nutcracker in the kitchen this year.

So after doing some linky party visits today I was inspired by http://backporchmusings.typepad.com/blog/2010/12/a-christmas-cupboard.html and decided to spruce up my hutch.   Hers is done so much better but Im happy with my changes.

I edited out the birdfeeder and moved it on top and added a vintage lantern

I also moved the candlesticks up by the fireplace and added some greens snipped from the huge tree in the living room. 

This is the final Christmas Kitchen hutch.....for now! lol

IM BAAAAAACK....I've made some more changes it's been 2 days what did you expect. lol

Here is the final hutch.....I think!  I just added a chunky old candleholder up top.

This is the counter by the pass through/bar.   I usually have treats//nuts on the plates but I thought this looked cute.  My A&S (Abraham & Strauss Store) cookie jar...it sings if you open it.  And yes, its filled with chocolate cream cookies.

Since I relocated the Joseph stocking I shopped the garage and found this santa wreath from my days working for Lowe's.  His hat is an almost perfect match for the Target curtains.

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  1. Hi, thanks for visiting my site. Your cabinet looks lovely! Happy Holidays.

  2. Your holiday decorations are adorable! Love that hutch...great job!



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