Friday, September 3, 2010


This is the humble yet elaborate mailbox at the driveway to Pearl's home.

Close up of the name and number plate

The hedges show number 165 which was the original number of the house. He said it he couldnt make the 6 into a 4 so it stayed as is.

This is a picture of his ranch home on a quiet street in Bishopville, SC

Adelina posing in front of some fabulous trees...it was like her secret garden.

Pearl also makes junk art for his garden...the stumps are decorated with different pieces

You can see how the simple ladder is dwarfed by the huge carved out trees.

The triangle garden that starts at the end of the driveway but is kind of the beginning of the trail.   At the back of the triangle (widest part) 4 bushes spell out L O V E... I dont know what happened to the closeup of that.

These are mushroom trees and junk art.

I like this little area alot, the kids like the swirling snake bushes

A photo coming around from the back of the house...every inch of this place has something

Another little vignette...looks like the top of an ice cream cone

Sailing ship juniper

Coming around to the main event. 



GOODWILL (with Gabriella & Adelina)

Mama and her crew

Junk art windchime 

I love this...its junk but it looks like a tall wedding cake.

Xander & Maya making a donation in the Donation Box. (Im getting one of those flags next year)

There he is: Pearl coming to visit his guests (US) on his John Deere

Pearl Fryar and the Josephs, he let Maya sit on his John Deere!

Pearl was giving hubby his opinion of us moving to South Carolina. (Notice my former football player husband holds our 5 month old like a football.lol)

The neighbors house...Pearl has taught them well.

One more house down on Pearl's side

The last house on the block

Another neighbors yard

Well....... back to the van.   There is actually an empty lot across the street.  Its in between 2 houses and is the designated parking area.

I know it was alot of photos but I thank you for hanging in to the end.  It is a beautiful garden, if you ever get the chance you should visit.


When Pearl bought his property that is now the garden, it was a corn field.  There was nothing on the property.  Pearl planted everything and many of them were throwaways from local nurseries.

In the 1980's with no formal training Pearl started working on his garden.  In 1985 Pearl was awarded Yard of the Month by the Bishopville Iris Garden Club.

In 2006, friends and other interested individuals organized to support Pearl and his garden:

Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden, Inc.  is a non-profit created in So Carolina with the mission to preserve the artistic and horticultural legacy of Pearl Fryar.  For more info visit www.pearlfryar.com

The Garden Conservancy   is the only national nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving exceptional American gardens for the education and enjoyment of the public. For more info visit www.gardenconservancy.org

To volunteer at the garden, call 843-687-1248

To donate, visit www.pearlfryar.com or send check to:

Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden
P.O. Box 1111
Bishopville, SC 29010

Finally I leave you with a quote from Pearl .....

"I like to let people see what they want to in my plants.  The creativity comes in making a shape that speaks to me in one way but may say something else to everyone else." - Pearl Fryar, 3/24/93

I agree 100%

"Design is what speaks to you! Doesn't matter if anyone likes it, you're the one who has to live it" - me :)


  1. so neat what people do!!
    thanks for the birthday wishes! I hope you and your family enjoy the holiday weekend!
    Oh I am trying to get tics to see Nate!! LOL

  2. I love it and just love Pearl too! I thought he seemed like he was the sweetest man on tv. I will visit one day for sure. Thanks for showing us the gorgeous photos! ;)

  3. Wow! That is ust amazing! I can only imagine the time that goes into keeping all that up. Beautiful!

  4. Well! I learned something today! I have never heard of that place before!!! Your kiddos are so cute!

  5. This absolutely incredible! Wow!

    Have a wonderful Sunday and Labor Day!

  6. Wow, that was amazing! I love the tall art that looked like a wedding cake, too. You have a beautiful family.

  7. WOW!! This man is amazingly gifted in his art form. It was truly a great opportunity for your family to see this. I know I would be thrilled! Cute kids, btw...
    ~ Sue


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