Monday, September 27, 2010


Aidan Gray was developed out of a passion for all things architectural, and bringing to life inspired objects that maintain a time worn, aged look is what Aidan Gray specializes in. Each piece is classic and distinctive, closely recreating the one-of-a-kind original it was modeled after. Chairs, tables and decor items are created using authentic materials such as solid wood, rustic metals, antique mirror and aged painted finishes. Each piece is created by hand, finished with proprietary distressing techniques and topped with details unique to Aidan Gray.

All images(below) and text (above) are from the website where Aidan Gray may be purchased http://www.laylagrayce.com

This is the perfect blend for me.  I love my rustic woods but I also light linens and light fabrics.   I'm not one to follow and therefore Im not on the french bandwagon ( bad experience in France..lol) but I can still appreciate the decor.  I think the french aspect comes out more so in the textiles because they are printed in French.  Still beautiful.   The furniture itself could accomodate many different styles including rustic Italian or Spanish

Love the arm chairs as well as the table (Love that table)

Chandelier is delicious and I love the urns on the table

Very comfortable cozy area, love the lampshade.

Love the bus route...I lived in London for a summer near Picadilly so this is cool for me.

I just picked out 2 of these for my studio sanctuary on Olioboard

These are just gorgeous

I love the rustic feel of this chandelier

How pretty is this on a kitchen counter corner or on the island.

This ottoman is one of my favorites...I love everything about it.
This sideboard is so lovely.

My dream table is my dreamy farmhouse

Love this stone lamp with the burlap shade...perfect balance.

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures,  I had never heard of this line and was thrilled that I found it.


  1. Beautiful pictures! just found your blog...love it!!! Anja

  2. Love, love, love all of it. Did I mention that I love it?

  3. ~*~*I agree with you..LOVE it too! Just waaay out of my price range..bummer.. ;)Rachel~*~*

  4. I agree - great designs and color. This could also be seen as a Swedish style too!

    Great blog!

    Big hug


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