Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My daughter a.k.a. Gab, who is a junior in high school (ugh I know...) has an awesome Health teacher this year that she is very excited about it.   I know this because on the first day of class she came home and told me all about her and gave me verbatim speeches of what this teacher discussed.

She is going to absolutely kill me for posting this picture...but I couldnt find any recent ones...this is from her facebook and the only one where she isnt wearing glasses or being completely ridiculous.

My daughter also has an amazing sense of imitation, she can mimic personalities and people.....she is quite good at it.  So she was very energetic and telling all the things this teacher would be teacher them this marking period.

What struck me in this whole performance is that she said the teacher herself said she was very "random" and the kids in the class are encouraged to ask her "random questions" and not feel embarrassed.  I thought this was a great idea, because you know at this age (15-17) things get weird and sometimes they dont want to ask their parents the questions.  So Bravo to her for putting that out there for them.

That evening I had back to school night and I went to the classroom and was the only parent there (shocker..I guess some parents dont consider it important to attend)  Whether it is Health or Math it important to be there.  Im more inclined to say Health is more important this is the teacher who will be teaching your children about Hygiene, STD's, Terminal Illnesses, Safe Sex, and a multitude of other important things teens need to know.

Back to classroom.....in walks this lovely blonde lady in a adorable green dress.  We introduce ourselves and then start on a 20 minute random conversation about everything!   We discussed heath topics, shopping topics, Craigslist and also a little bit about my daughter herself.  I told her everything my daughter told me and she said that was EXACTLY what she told them in class.  YAY.....MY DAUGHTER IS PAYING ATTENTION TO THE TEACHER...and not the iPhone in her purse, or the boy texting her, or her friends passing by in the hallway. lol

I wanted to help the teacher out, so I made her a Random Question Can!

This is the same project I made using the formula cans, just a larger size.  I decorated this one for Fall and accompanied it with a Fabric Pumpkin for her desk.

 I really appreciated her time at back to school night, she brought up some things even I didnt know about (health wise) and said she would be sure to pass it on to my daughter.  She is also the mom of 2 so she can relate to parent/child conversations in a real way.

Doesn't happen all the time, but sometime you get ONE OF THOSE TEACHERS!  I think Mrs. Strack is one of those teachers.

For those of you who arent on the East Coast, never the less New Jersey.  We have been hit really hard with budget cuts from our new governor.  He has hit our teachers and civil service workers throught the state (directly affecting my family in many ways)   So there were teacher lay-offs and teachers retiring left and right.  The fact that this teacher is in that classroom enthusiastic and willing to teach these kids some pretty important stuff means alot to me as a parent.


My daughter just sent me an iPhone update from school (so not allowed)...lol    This is Mrs. Strack!


  1. ~*That was so sweet of you to make her that comment jar!! :) She looks really happy to have it too!lol..very sweet post!~*~*Rachel

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  3. How cool is that? Ya know I remember my Health teacher when I was her age...she was a very cool lady too. In fact later in life when I worked for an oncologist, she was diagnosed with cancer and was a patient at our office. I told her all the cool things I remembered about her and what she taught me, that I would not ask my Mom about. She was a teacher that touched my life....I am so happy your daughter has the same experience.


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