Thursday, September 16, 2010


So I blogged awhile ago about my fabulous mother's day gift from Big Daddy  and my little monsters.  They got me an antique buffet and a matching credenza.....

This is what it looked like in the former owner's home.

same here

This was the original placement in the DR, but has been relocated opposite of the buffet.

This is the buffet from the side....for those of you who visit often its obvious the items on top have been switched out.

Sooooooooooo......Ive been thinking of painting them but I hesitate to destroy their original condition.  However they do have some scratches and I think they would look nice perhaps in white, black or even two tone black and wood which would match the table and chairs.

Here is white.....and in an almost exact style. (forgive me I googled the images and didnt keep track where it was from.  Although I love it, I dont think it would suit my eclectic interior.

And another similar set in distressed white.

This is in a lovely grayish teal....(I also googled this image weeks ago..sorry :(  I love the two tone look and think that  mine would look nice black and wood tone. (Its almost the exact design)

This is a nice black distressed buffet...not exactly the same style I think still very classic.   Ive been googling black and wood tone buffets and havent found any which is extremely odd.  So Im posting my sister's dining room in her new house (she's gonna kill me) because she's still working on things.

The ridiculously ironic thing is that the top of this open buffet is the same style as my dining room table.  The plank style inlay.  My table legs are more square but I love this piece and the look.   I also must point out her fabulous taste in accessories.  But we didn't discuss it beforehand and I can tell you she probably could'nt tell you what kind of tabletop I had anyway (lol)  Theres alot of talking and activities when she comes to visit so it would definately go un-noticed.

This the a shot of the new furniture all together, now realize that the table/chairs are from one place and the buffet another.  I just love the black and wood two-tone combination.  Also her home is a lighter color than mine, Ive also been thinking of painting walls but have decided to stick to my guns and keep the dark color.  I think its more authentic to the European look of Italy/Spain that I prefer.

I'd like to hear your thoughts, I know its not everyone's style.  But for those of you who have seen the pics of my dining room and my heavy religious decor (haha) I think it would suit it very well....and also I just did the altar shelf in two-tone with the corbels being distressed black and the dark jacobean stain I used on the wood.

I think in addition to the pieces Im refinishing for resale, I might have to take my own out to the workshop and give them a mini-makeover before the holiday season is in full swing.


  1. Oh boy decisions decisions....I do love painted furniture...however, those are original pieces, I am not sure I would touch them and mess with the integrity of the pieces....they would look beautiful though a new color as well....your call sista!

  2. You're right! It will beautiful in your green dining room painted the black and brown combo. They are both gorgeous pieces. Lucky lady! Let us see it when finished.

    Blessings & Happy Fall!
    ~Melissa :)

  3. I love the idea of painting the bottom black and leaving the top brown..I think it would be beautiful and go with your current home decor!! ;)But..they are pretty as they are too!! ;)Rachel

  4. Hmmm, I'm kind of a "no-paint" person, but I also like the idea of the bottom black. If you just have scratches, you can always sand lightly and coat with polyurethane to minimize those. Great furniture though! I love the pieces and wish I had them!!

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished project. I know it will be great!

    You have me thinking I should paint a cabinet we have in the basement. It belonged to J's mother...part of a set. The cabinet is the only pice we have. I am thinking we should paint it and take it to the lake. It definitely has a cottagey look.

    Thanks you for coming by the new Back Porch. I appreciate it so much!

  6. This is my mantra: If it has no personal meaning to me I can paint it...if it is a family antique it can't be painted!!...Great pieces of furniture...what about shabby white, keeping a wooden stain on the buffet?

  7. Hmmm, I vote to not paint. Those are really great pieces!

    I'm sorry that I can't return the favor and send you a PS version! Thank you SO much for your help!!!



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