Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Welcome to Casa de Joseph....sit down if you dare!

Black, Purple, Grey, White and Gold theme this year.

The pass through, not my favorite thing.

Big Daddy J got this for me at an estate sale.

On top of the credenza (we store vintage liquor bottles in there so little hands cant touch)

The spiders and quick little buggers...the eyeballs are the kids favorite!  My 3 year old always asks for 1 of Elmo's eyes (oooooo not good) lol

Skeletons and spiders....oh my!

Unfortunately I had to move the water cooler in the dining room to fit my fabulous black hutch, so we are including it in the holiday decor. lol

Crows, cobwebs and corbels

The buffet area, its been downsized in accessories, but I have to add more as time goes on.

This is just a little centerpiece that will hold spooky treats.

Last but not least, the dishes that my husband bought me weeks ago.  I will be doing something different with them soon but, they were still in the box and I didnt want him to think I didnt like them.

So it will still be tweaked at least 6-7 times before Halloween but I have to get started early around here because we have back to school nites for 4 children at 3 different schools. I have my tent show on the 18th. Im also having a Sweet Sixteen Tea Partly (with a twist) for my daughter in 2 wks. Then my husband is in a wedding of friends the weekend after that.   Then pumpkin picking.....So probably somewhere the 1st  week of November I should get some rest! lol

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  1. Love your blog! I'm following yours now too! Love the Halloween decor. That is my absolute favorite holiday! Love the green on your walls. What is it?

  2. Spooky but it's so charming in it's elegant way.

    U rock!

    Happy TST...
    Greetings from Stockholm

  3. you have such fun pieces to decorate with!

    is that a hand coming out of the water cooler??? too fun.

    i love grey mixed in with black & white. i'm sure there will be some fun dinner parties in that spot.

    thanks for linking up with the FALL FESTIVAL! hope to see you next week.


  4. Oh too cute! Love it! I was just thinking I need to start getting together all my halloween stuff and see what I have to start decorating with.

  5. How fun! What a great spooky table you've prepared for us -- Fall does have a way of getting so busy it can really creep up on us (pun intended!)

  6. I love Halloween tables. You have so many fun details. Those plates are perfect with everything else. Hope things don't get too crazy for you.

  7. Hi from another mother of 5 - mine are now 33,30,29,27 & 26. I remember the school years - they were always at several different schools and I was always running from school to school to sports to .... Amazing you have time to set such a great table.

    Kudos to you for making life so special for all your kids. I can't wait to hear about the sweet sixteen with a twist!

  8. Cool inspiring ideas here Melanie...I love the eyeballs:) Can't wait for more Fall/Halloween inspiration out here, I love it!

  9. I love seeing your decorations for your house and all the cute ideas. I hope you don't mind me using some. The hand in the water cooler is really funny.

  10. Beautiful dining room! I love the colors you have in there!

  11. love the skeleton heads! great idea.


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