Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So excited I came across this party today over at Jennifer Rizzo!   She is having a HOOK UP YOUR HUTCH PARTY today September 22nd.  Go on over and join the party, and let's she what you've got.

Click on the button below to go over and visit Jennifer today and link up to the party!

For those of you who visit me often you know besides everything Italian/Spanish or roosters.  Hutches are my next best friend.   They say diamonds are a girls best friend, but I'll take a nice antique hutch over a diamond any day.  Just the type of girl I am, guess that's why Big Daddy has such a hard time shopping for me.   As some of you know from recent posts, he's improved a great deal.   2 antique pieces for Mother's Day and 1 set of dishes just because (love that man. lol)

So let's get it started in here.....

This is my black beauty.....she started out rough but with  good cleaning and sanding.  I think now she is rustic and beautiful and the roosters love her too.

This is my baby brandy, she was 1 of the antique pieces I got for mother's day. She is now relocated to the other side of the dining room and holds all of our vintage wines, liquors.   So she is now the liquor hutch girl.

This is snow white....got her from a woman on Craigslist.  Its in original condition (I removed the hardware because I started to refinish it but as you can see) Its now the Lucky 7 Design home accessories line supply closet. lol    It does hold my grandmother's vintage linens (from Italy) in the bottom and our everyday sheets.

Now this is Grandpa Gray, I saw this on Craigslist and had to have him.   I didnt have the asking price, lucky for me the guy lived 1 town over and let me pay him in installments.   Im now sure what I want to do with him, he is in the workshop and needs to be giving a good cleaning.

This is pretty pine, I scored on this Craigslist find.   It's 2 pieces and in amazing condition.  Im not thrilled with the green so that will probably get painted out white or gray and I think Im going to lighten up the pine a little bit with  a whitewash.   The hardware on the drawers definately needs to be changed out into something more rustic like stainless pulls.

Well sadly, the last 3 are for resale and once they are refinished they will go up online.   Im keeping black beauty for my self, she fits into the rustic italian kitchen perfectly.

Let's she how you hutch.........


  1. re: the last Welsh hutch you posted- the green one...
    Check out my blog 'Before/After Hutch' linked on Jenn Rizzos Hook up your Hutch Party.
    Mine looked alot like that 'Before'


  2. They are all gorgeous. I love the last pic. It is something just like it is that I would love to have. Fantastic. Hugs, Marty

  3. Sorry, It posted my widget on Jens blog quicker that I could hit publish on my own - I had two windows open at the same time!
    Love the one with the crosses above it!!!!

  4. Ugh - I didn't see the read more option... I AM IN LOVE with the grey one!!!!!

  5. Yes... I hutch!! ;o) Wow girl... great collection of hutches!
    Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment! Nice meeting you!
    ~ Jo :)

  6. OH those are so nice. I got all 4 of my hutches on craigslist. I love that website.
    I am always drawn to the posts that say hutches. I'm like a magnet even though I don't have any more room for them. LOL!
    Have a fabulous day!

  7. They are all pretty, and I especially like the Welsh cupboard.

  8. ~*LOL.. I am drooling over Grandpa Gray right now!!!! LOVE him!! ;) Rachel~*~*

  9. Lovely hutches!!
    Can't imagine letting any of them go! I get so attached to my favorite finds.
    Can't wait to see their transformation!

  10. I like grandpa grey.. I might have to borrow him for a bit!

  11. Wow, you have a nice collection of hutches. I am currently looking for another corner hutch for my dining room. Then i can move the white one into the kitchen next to my pine hutch!

  12. Great hutches!! The last one has some terrific detailing to her!

  13. Love the Welsh cupboard- it will be gorgeous when you get it done, I'm sure. You have such a variety of storage pieces- it's always nice to have a great collection of things you love!
    ~ Sue

  14. What awesome hutches you have! I love them all. I am enjoying this party so much as I like to see how everyone displays their accessories!!


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