Tuesday, April 26, 2011


With no internet the past few days, let's just say I had a lot of time on my hands.   Nap time seemed much longer and here is what I was up too.  

Just because I was sitting at home with nothing to do, doesnt mean I need to run out and go shopping (although I will never past up a good stroll through HomeGoods, Target, or Lowe's. lol    I can't sit in a room without looking around and thinking of what I can change, but I want to reuse what I already have in my home.

My recent junkin trips have been so awesome and it's just another way for me to live a more green lifestyle.  Re-using old furniture or old houseware items mean they stay in circulation in our population and not in a landfill somewhere.  

So as I was sitting on my leopard Craigslist sofa (yep, it's recycled) reading my new issue of Flea Market Style Magazine (I also save them to refer back on, sometimes I spare a few mags for the kids school projects) I started looking at the front window area and how it was bothering me and also above my mantle.  Inspiration struck and here is what happened next.

This was my living room last summer....see that hanging between the windows

It was my safari wall decor from Home Goods...well I had to redesign this too.  The animals were not balanced they had 2 dark and 2 light, well it just looked weird.   Now it was going to be repurposed!

This was last Christmas and the beginning of mantle transformation...see the center piece.

Sorry Bed,Bath & Beyond...Im doing some double sided art work.   I flipped the canvas board out...covered it with brown shipping/craft paper I got in a shipment (recycle your shipping materials) and then dry brushed on  an espresso glaze .

Ta-da....this is now above that eyesore of a TV on my mantle.

This is what the mantle looks like right now.....more to come of the Living Room updates.

So this project right here costs me absolutely $0........ nothing!  Be as green as you can, recycle, repurpose, reuse!


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