Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So Im not really good at following the rules or scheduling so this post will consist of a What I wore Wednesday and What I did Wednesday since that just like me to mix things up.

Today is the 3rd day of kids Spring Break so I took my oldest and the 2 littles ones to our local mall parking lot where they were holding " Big Wheels Day" and yes you guessed it.   Every kind of truck, tractor, machine, fire engine, ambulance was there.    

This is my baby (she just turned 1 last month)...she also just took her shoes off. lol

Big sis is making her do cheesy smiles

No photos please!

This is my little rockstar...she loves pictures and going out

Here she is in the fire truck 

Here she is sitting on the fire truck. lol

We might need some pedal extensions. lol

In the summer long Hummer limo

This thing was huge...shes a big girl and looks like an ant in front of it.

She was flirting with the firefighter...thank goodness Big Daddy was at work. lol

This is my outfit for today (tunic top, black leggings & ballet flats) It was a bit chilly here in Jersey (52 when we left at noon) so I brought my pashmina.

HAD A GREAT DAY WITH ALMOST ALL OF MY KIDS TODAY.....still 4 more days left on our Spring Break vacation!


  1. What a fun day! Look at you!! I LOVE your outfit, seriously very cute!!! I really would love to get some leggings! :)

    Take care...Jodi

  2. cute, cute kiddies! looks like a fun day.


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