Friday, April 8, 2011


Many of you that know me also know that my 4 year old was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 2.   We have come a long way dealing with evaluations and therapists in the past 2 years.   I can sympathize with families that have children who are more severely autistic than Samayah.   She is a "high functioning autistic child" is what we have been told, and we are dealing with it as best we can.   Giving her the tools, support and love that she needs to succeed in life.

When people her the word Autism they think 2 things....either Rain Man or Temple Grandin.   And I can't blame them because they probably don't know.  I didn't until she was diagnosed and as crazy as it seems she is a little of both.   Very intelligent with a ridiculous memory and ability to do things children her age usually can't.   She can read, and I mean street signs, posters in doctors offices, televisions commercials and even the Sunday paper.

Tomorrow we are Walking for Autism with an organization called P.O.A.C (PARENTS OF AUTISTIC CHILDREN).   They are a wonderful organization in New Jersey that provide FREE training to teachers, parents, siblings and anyone else who is interested in learning more about Autism.   They also host events for families of autistic children who sometimes arent able to do public amusement activities with their child or family.

This is our daughter SAMAYAH

Here is what I'm working on today for our team.    We are SAMAYAH'S SESAME STREET CREW...my family and I will all be wearing tee shirts in the colors of our favorite Sesame St character.  Im working on pins for the adults to wear.

Here are the almost finished pins w/ bottle cap centers.

This is what my dining room table looks like right now.

I would like to thank a fellow Etsian who I ordered these fabulous Sesame Street Bottle Cap magnets from....her name is Jennifer and her shop is Bottle Cap Jen Im using them as the centerpiece of my pin.   The parents can then pop it off and use it on their fridge to hold notes and artwork.    

Also some Sesame Street Domino necklace for the kids to wear.    We have a great support team and Im looking forward to tomorrow.   Of course I will be posting pictures from the walk and all of our great friends and family that are coming out to support our daughter Samayah and to Walk for Autism!



  1. Sending my [virtual] support to your daughter :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful walk! I LOVE your team name and your pins are perfect!

    Have a great weekend!



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