Monday, April 4, 2011


What do you do with a blank wall in a nursery?    Go to Home Goods of course.   If ever Im in need of inspiration I go to HG.....so Sunday while out Junkin with my old friend Liza we decided we wanted to stop into HG and see what they had.

So we browsed the aisles and there was alot of Oooooo look at this, and Ohhhh I like that!  Of course I always check the clearance sections and on this day I spotted a wall decal.    I had purchased some mirrored ones on clearance after Christmas but this was a bird cage!

Hellooooooooooooooooo  I've been tweeking this nursery for almost a month now.   So I have been searching for vinyl wall designs with a bird cage them but I hadn't really found any that I was over the moon about.

Here is the before wall...you can see the blah blankness

This one appealed to me because it has a mercury glass/mirror effect and the goldtone kinda looks brown so I checked the price....$3.00 are you freakin kidding?     Of course I took it and I got home and up it went!

Here it is and I love it....but it looks so lonely, so what do I do now (this photo was taken around 7p.m. and its still sunny, but it's Sunday and HG closes at 8)

So I jump in the car and call HG on my cell (I have them in my contacts...yes I know I'm an HG addict and they're my supplier.lol)    She says they are in fact closing right at that moment.

AHHHHHHHHHHHH  so I explain to her what I just purchased and asked if she can grab me whatever bird cage designed wall decals are left.      She puts me on hold.....my heart is racing and she finally gets back on the phone and says....Hi I was able to find 2 for you! 


I told her I would be there the next day, and so with the kiddos in tow today and sick as a dog from these allergies I went to HG and picked up my birdcages for $6.00

And....here they are now!

See how pretty the mirrored finish is....I love them!

There is a bird in the cage and also and extra for outside but that would be too matchy..matchy.   So I let them spread their wings......

One is perched above Mama's vision board

The other landed on the faux nest wall art that I made especially for the room.

I left just one bird out and about near the cages...

So a blah wall has been transformed again from one of my Home Goods clearance rescues!

This was the total of my original purchase :

decal - $3.00
birdhouse - $3.50
mercury bird candleholder - $3.00

YES....all under $10!

Even after the return trip for 2 more @ $3.each that only adds $6. for a crazy $16.00 total.    The wall still only cost me only  $9 of that $16!

I think Im going to start a New Jersey support group for Home Goods addicts....or I could be like Eddie Ross and give tours and give people ideas of what they can do with all the fab things they find.

HAHAHAHA....a girl can dream!

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