Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Well.....does the back of my super cool mini van count as a trunk?    Actually this is my Thrifting Thursday post but who could resist using that title!  

This past Sunday a friend of mine for years set out on a girls day out.  We are both moms of many children (she has 3 and I have 5) so the only time we spend together is if we attend each others kids birthdays or a summer bbq here and there.  Basically it has to be an event for us to get together or a school function...our 4 yr old also are in the same class and are 1 week apart.

But even if we do get together it's always with the husbands and the kids and we are running around and dont really get to TALK  So we set up a Big Girl Playdate and what do we like to play............JUNKIN!

Liza is a cool chick and she is the only person I know (other than myself or my daughter..but I force her) that will drive the streets lookin for good junk, shop yard sales and flea markets.

So we set out Sunday around 11 a.m. and drove to a part of our town that was supposed to be holding their township wide yard sales.....NOTHING.

As we approach a traffic light I spot a small colorful table on the sidewalk......Liza jumps out grabs it and puts it in the back!  Gotta love a girl who doesn't care that there are 5-6 cars at the light watching her pick up junk!

So we continue on throughout our excursion and find a house where we score the mother load, true old stuff. I love old things to decorate with, to re-invent, re-purpose whatever but I want it old and I want it cheap!

We finally end up at the home of an amazing yard salen family.  Mom is super creative and so is Dad along with 2 teenager daughters who were actually selling and helping (god you know those parents did something right) what teenager wants to be outside on a Sunday morning selling off their stuff.  But I found such awesome stuff and just meeting the Mom was a pleasure.  I left with awesome treasures that I hope I can let go of and some I will keep.   Liza got some crazy deals on curtains...(such beautiful fabrics) she loved them so much 1 pair of Waverly curtains inspired her to redesign her living room.

She has 2 young boys so trucks, cars and more trucks and the accessories in the room at the moment.  But she wants a grown up room again, so Im very excited she is letting me be a part of this project! Woohoo!  Of course I will be taking pics and blogging maybe even video taping some of it and do a little vlog series on the project.  Possibilities are endless when you work with someone who gets junk like you do!

Here is the end of our day...

It's all kinda pushed in there nicely so no breakage occurs. lol

Christmas in April....maybe!  Liza with her stash of fabulous fabrics.

Here is some of what I came home with, and some of it will be going into my Etsy shop.   If I'm going to be a shop owner one day I must learn now how to part with my treasures.  Ughhhh... it's gonna be really hard.  I know it!

This is the smaller items....

The desk and the children's table are already in the garage and if the rain stops I will be working on them and posting before & afters and up for sale they will go!


  1. Hi Melanie,
    Your treasure hunting girls day out was very productive! I don't think you could have got much more in your van!
    I enjoyed reading about your day and I'm glad to have met someone else who loves junk as much as I do. I'm going out this weekend to do a little junkin, I hope my day is as productive!

  2. You got some great stuff! I LOVE junkin and it's fun to have someone to go with!



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