Friday, April 22, 2011


Today is a Special Saturday!  Tonya Lee from About.com has featured Lucky 7 Design today!  Im very excited, I spoke with her a few weeks ago and she really liked my blog.

I invite you to go over and take a look.......ah heck I'll make it easy for you!  Here's the link and a  sneak peek too!


Tonya Lee

Budget Decorating Blog of the Week: Lucky 7 Design

By Tonya Lee, About.com Guide  April 22, 2011

Blog Site
The blogger behind Lucky 7 Design is lucky indeed. Decorator, party planner and mom of seven, she's busy but still able to create a beautiful home. And she's better than budget-friendly ... she doesn't spend a dime she doesn't have to. Hmm, maybe it's not luck but skill and creativity that keeps this blogger (and her readers) going strong.
Lucky 7 Design

Why it's Worth a Surf
I love what Lucky 7 designer Melanie said, so I'll share her words...
"I don't like to throw things away so I have a stash of saved items such a paper towel holders, vegetable cans, fabric napkins, clothing, fabric scraps, grocery plastic bags and that is my go-to when I need to make something and don't have the money to go out and spend on it. I don't think you need to spend a lot of money for something to look well done."
And that's good enough, for me!

I also want to say a huge thank you for your comments from last night's post.   Sometimes I just have to speak my mind.....and appreciate your supportive comments.

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO WOULD LIKE TO SUPPORT ME SOME MORE.....you can go to Circle of Moms website and vote Lucky 7 Design into the TOP 25 Mom-Shops.  You can vote 1x a day!

I'm not offering any prizes or giveaways for your votes....basically this works the same way as my blog.   That's just my style, no bribes here.   If you like me I would love for you to vote for me.   If not is cool too!


  1. That is really cool about the feature! congrats!

  2. Hey sister... just reading the feature... but got caught up on the 'Mom of 7'.....What! are you hiding 2 kiddos somewhere..lol

  3. Happy Easter! I am stopping by from Mom-Bloggers-Linky and am following your blog. 8^)

    Congratulations on the About.com props. That must have been exciting for you. Keep it up!


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