Friday, April 1, 2011


For those of you who read regularly or know me personally.   You know I love junk!   Im a huge follower of the theory that one man's junk is another woman's treasure.

I have always dreamed of owning a shop where I can sell my refurnished furniture pieces, repurposed /recycled items along with handmade items for the home.  Throw in some vintage-style jewelry and I will have my self a dream shop.

I have a garage filled with items that I am planning to refinish as the weather cooperates.   Smaller items I will list and the big ones...not sure yet.

Im hoping to be in South Carolina by the end of the year, so maybe I will just bring these treasures down south and find a little spot in an antique mall.   Baby steps to get to the top of the big mountain.

 So this week....here are my treasures.

Quilt rack, scratched up Queen Anne console, antique side table, vintage chalkboard

Im so in love with the vintage door I dont know if I can put it up for sale.

However I still have these beauties to refinish first.

A 2 piece pine hutch

Vintage hutch

Seriously gorgeous vintage hutch/sideboard


  1. I want the hutch on the bottom!!! Puh-leeeeeze! There's an antiques store here (not much to look at on the outside, but inside?!), they always have vintage doors and they cost an arm & a leg...you're sitting on a gold mine! :)

  2. Crafty can have the last one, I want the vintage hutch in the middle! LOL

    Can we go into business together? I want that store too...but with a tea/ coffee nook and shelves of books to read curled up in atop soft vintage sofas. :)

  3. Love the vintage hutch. Come on down to SC we will be glad to have you.Just get ready for a lot of sweet tea and "bless your hearts." Have a great week-end,

  4. Thanks ladies! @vintagesouthernlife you are so right about the sweet tea. Ive never been offered so much in my life. Bless your hearts down there y'all can drink some tea! lol
    Im working on my southerness. lol


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