Friday, April 15, 2011


We actually had 2 good (by that I mean at least 65 degree) days here in New Jersey this week.   Big Daddy J   brought the kids a "surprise".  HAAAAAA I was the one surprised when my 10 yr old and 4 yr old walked in with a big puff of ginger colored fur.

Let's just say The Easter Bunny Came Early This year and will be staying for a while! lol    Yep he got them a bunny, no conversation with me but look at her face (what can I do now).   I even think the little fuzz ball is cute, we had a grey/white bunny a few years ago and it died.   SOOOOOOO  Im just a little nervous!

Anywhoooo they named in Cinnamon and it is attached to her shoulder at all times unless she is in school or in bed. lol       She has been dying to wear warm weather clothes to school, but its still been in the 50's.   Today was the perfect day for a little photo shoot with Adelina........and Cinnamon!   I'm sure Haddad Brands will love the new bunny ambassador. lol

Adelina in her Levi's skinny khaki's

Cinnamon matches her moccasins 

I love the copper buttons on the bottom...so cute and so Levi's

She is showing off her t-shirt made by my sister of Pinky Brown REdesign

I LOVE this shirt.. it all handmade loveliness

Her serious pose...actually she was staring at the TV

She is a happy little girl

Cinnamon looks pretty happy too

By the way Cinnamon is a girl too...we are now leading the boys 6 to2!

We have 2 pairs of these pants and I love them, they wear so well and I'm a little freaky about wrinkled clothes.   These are awesome, the material is as it is...they don't get all yucky.  I know I sound crazy but I cant have my children going to school looking a hot mess.    We will definately be getting a lot of use from these this Spring and then we will save them for Maya J who is 4 but already wearing a size 5/6. lol

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  1. aaahhh, the bunny is cute! I am definately not showing this to my daughter; every time she sees an animal, she thinks she needs to have one! :)

    Take care....Jodi


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