Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So lately Ive been bravely sharing my secret love for junking here on my blog.   It's not as popular up here in the Northeast.   Only old men in pick ups drive around looking for scrap metal up here.  But Ive been brave and Im now coming out to you all.   Anyone who knows me in my world knows that I'll do a drive by the night of yard sales and night before bulk pick up.    I also scour Craigslist for FREE finds as well as small tickets items...and Ive been extremely lucky.  My house is literally created from Craigslist items!

I dream of owning my own brick & mortar shop one day but until them I love Etsy and Facebook to showcase my creations.   Im going to share with you items that are new to the shop and some that haven't even been listed in Etsy yet.    Some have found a place in my heart and my home too.

They're made from old, vintage, junk items that I've repurposed or just tweaked in my own little way to give it that Lucky 7 style.

A new Etsy collection made by me from old junk

Wall Hook Set w/vintage hardware

Shabby'd switchplate created by me for Etsy shop

Distressed white shelf brackets

Round Wall Hook Set made w/ vintage hardware

Re-purposed gold frame now crackly, chippy white.  I created a mirror mat for an old family photo, this is a shop item without my photo of course. lol

Vintage pie tins & handmade shutter star for Etsy shop

Vintage beverage box from PA

Fits perfectly into this totally vintage display...whole thing might be moving to a shop soon. 

FREE Craigslist chair (thank you Peggy)

It's a home in this corner with other CL finds like the elephant table and vintage birdcage.  

Solid Brass candlesticks from yard sale

Perfect on this vintage cart displaying old tin serving trays and 20+year old Lenox platters.

Another CL find...Vintage sewing cabinet paired w/ old makeup case (Peggy again)

Purchased this display mannequin but she's now become my Book Worm Muse (she's wearing my new Red Riding Hood necklace) she is covered by the way in pages from an old dictionary...they have a lovely yellow color to them.

Rolling pin (Peggy again), Repainted Chalkboard (Peggy) and the garland I made myself on a shoestring. lol  No literally it's a shoestring with felt and denim circles.  This is going to my June show.

RECYCLE - REUSE-REPURPOSE is the universal 3R's of Recycling, but I think we need to throw in there a 4th REDESIGN!

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  1. Great finds. My dad has a friend that resales and he makes enough every year to take a vacation.

    Peace, Love & Decorate

  2. I love your ideas, the mirror mat is awesome!

  3. Love what you've done with all your great finds, the mirror with the portrait is just wonderful, thanks for linking up and following! xo Debra

  4. Isn't thrifting sooo much fun! Love your vintage cart! Thanks so much for visiting and for your sweet comments. Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  5. Everything is really cute! I love the mirror and the little hooks. Thanks for sharing these at my party.

  6. Nice Work, Sanford!!! tee hee!!

    I am envious! Can't wait to get settled in the next couple of months and do some Serious Creating!!!

    Extra love the Book Muse!

  7. Great finds and wonderful Etsy Collection. I love the mirrored frame. What a great idea.

  8. Great finds! Love the mirror and all the old vintage hardware! thanks for joining TTF! Have a great weekend.

  9. Hi lovely lady, You have some Great Finds and some wonderful collection sweet lady.
    I hope you and your lovely family have a Great Weekend. I hope you can come over and see my new Tablescape.

  10. Hi lovely lady. Im following your Blog now.

  11. I heart your gold frame turned chippy white :) Really appreciate you sharing this great post with us at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop.


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