Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Well I must say that the namesake of my design business is truly fitting.  I have enjoyed discovering new blogs and communicating/learning about their authors.  Each time I seem to find more that I love more than the other, but I found Under The Table And Dreaming the other night and I was on there for hours.  Not only did I so envy her craft room, but loved her project ideas and her playroom.  But I learned we also have something else in common besides a love of all things cheap and crafty.  On her blog Stephanie Lynn shares that her young son was diagnosed with Autism last year.   My daughter was diagnosed 9/11 of last year at the age of 2 1/2 and she is not 3 1/2 and progressing very well.  For those of you who have any knowledge of Autism, there is a broad range on the spectrum.  You have very low functioning and very high functioning children, thankfully my daughter is an extremely high functioning.   But I was touched that Stephanie Lynn shared that with her readers as well as the detail she put into the playroom.

She also happened to be hosting a party and a giveaway, so I linked up my little window treatment I just did this week from placemats and a dish towel and I entered the giveaway.

Well as luck would have it...(lol)  Lucky 7 Design won...which means that me!  I won a day planner from Dotmine.....http://www.timemine.com/  Take a look at all the great patterns they have.  Great way to keep track of all decorating jobs, home shows and craft projects.

I received an email from Stephanie Lynn thanking me for my comment on her blog and saying that she featured me to grab a button from her blog.  So I clicked on over and did just that......here it its. lol


I also saw my little project on her wonderful site and then also saw that Lucky 7 Design was the winner...Woo hoo!  Im so thrilled not only to have found a great blog, but also that she was sweet enough to post my little project.   Now, I dont have many followers but I add the buttons of the blogs I love the best.  Its away for me to refer to them daily as well as to share them with anyone who happens to find little ol me.

So I hope you will all click on over to visit

 UndertheTableandDreamingStephanie Lynn @ http://www.bystephanielynn.com/..here is her little button for you to pop over.


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