Thursday, July 29, 2010


So I haven't received treatment for my Craigslist addiction yet.  I can name at least 3 items in each room of my home that came from Craigslist.   I love a bargain plus as a mom of 5, I dont have alot of time to go flea marketing to garage sales or junking. 

So I search until wee hours of the morning (my quiet time).  I usually go to bed at 2-3a.m. which isn't a good idea with a 4 1/2 month old baby.  But its all worth it  when I find a great deal.

I found this precious girl right in town and for $20.00, its a vintage sewing table.   I bought it to put into my 15 yr old daughters room which is going to be in a french, italian...lets say European theme. (I will post when complete).

But when I brought it into the dining room and just shoved it between my wing chairs (another craigslist find) it looked sooooooo good.   The legs match, so Im thinking mama's got a new side table for her wing chairs. lol

 Soooo these now means I have a total of 2 hutches, 1 dresser, and now a sewing side table to refinish.  In addition to that I have to fab chandeliers that need to be spraypainted (I will give you a glimpse of them next week).

Also linking this to one of favorite ladies..Debbie! Check out her party, her blog...and her fab style!


  1. What a great piece. I havn't ever found anything on Craig's list. You seem to do really well. This piece is wonderful and so unusual. Hugs, Marty

  2. Hi Melanie...You rock girl...I can't believe you have a 4 1/2 month old and stay up that late...crazy girl! But hey if it works...it works for ya. I love your finds. I have to say I have sold things on Craigslist but never bought...I have to start looking. Thanks for joining in on the party...since you are up anyway go visit a few more gals, they will be happy you did, and will so come visit you in return....Debbie

  3. Fabulous!!! I HAVE to check out craig's list. You have a great eye for these things.

  4. WOW!!
    That is a fantastic piece!!
    I think it will look lovely when you get it refinished no matter where you decide to use it!!


  5. I love your new cabinet! I love Craigslist. I have had great luck buying, selling and giving away free stuff on CL. The legs on the cabinet really do look good with your wing back chairs. Better start scouring CL for something else for your daughter's room!

    ~ Tracy

  6. LOVE the sewing cabinet! Love your blog! Oodles of inspiration galore!! I'll be back for sure.

  7. Wow what a lucky find! I could do all sorts of things with that...What a lucky girl to have that, oops she will have to wait LOL! Visiting from Debbiedoo


  8. What a wonderful and awesome find! I love this cabinet!

  9. Hi, I'm visiting from the garage salen partay. What a cool piece of furniture. I love Craigslist.

  10. Oh my, that is a huge find, love it! Craigslist is my favorite, my hubby checks it every morning :) Enjoy your sunday!


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