Friday, July 16, 2010


Okay so I dont know why this didn't post earlier so Im re-posting it now.  But I dont know how many of you have little ones.  I have a new babygirl who was born in March and she was 5 ozs shy of 10lbs. lol  Our record is 9lbs 15.5ozs. but she came in under the wire.
Anywhooooo.......I've been seeing the new Huggies commerical on television for the new demin patterned diapers.  I was holding off because I thought it would be a waste since she is breastfed and has lots of diaper changes a day.    And I believe they start at size 3 which is big, but turns out that size starts at 16 lbs and my little bugga bugga is already 17 3/4 lbs.  so she meets the weight for them.

While shopping at Babies R Us the other day with my oldest daughter (15 yrs old) and my 3 1/2 yr old and they were having a SALE.    By one pack of the demin diapers for $11.99 and the second pack was 50% off...so they are 29 diapers in a pack her size so I estimated 1 a day for a month.  I dont plan on using them regularly.....theyre really cute but I think I will just use them under sun dresses.  Like the ones that dont have the matching bloomers....its been so hot in NJ lately no use in layering a poor baby.

Above is a picture that my daughter took of the baby wearing her new denim diapers!   I gotta admit they are cute on a 4 month old body.


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