Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Okay so things have been a little hectic here and sometimes I just find myself standing at my kitchen counter grabbing a bite all by myself.  Dont feel sorry for me ladies, with 5 children in the house including a nursing infant....that's lucky.   So this week I thought I would show you a sweet little italian lunch setting for 1-uno-ME!
Anyone who knows me understands that I love all things Italian, Roosters and Rustic European Country.  In the top left corner of the picture...you can see a something very special to me.  Its a liquor set that my husband brought back from his deployment in Iraq.  I hope to use them in a tablescape in the future.  

I hope you enjoyed my little one woman show today. Ciao!!!

Placemat -                Pier 1 (last year)
Plate -                      Dollar Tree (last month)
Napkin -                   Flea Market (1990)
Flatware-                  Craigslist (restaurant wholesale 36pcs/$5 new)
Glassware -               Pier 1 (last month)
Rooster Tin Picture - Dollar Tree (other day)
Iron Easel -               Sears (omg...so long ago)
Liquor -                    My husband's collection of vintage liquors/wines

P.S.   When my husband saw this set up in the kitchen, he looked at me strange....laughed and then in the evening watched me dismantle and return everything to its original place.   Including his liquor back in the vintage credenza in the dining room.   I sometimes wonder what goes through his mind when he sees me setting up these things.  I just know this one reminded me of my time in Italy and how I'd love to go back...I think I need to go put my "Under The Tuscan Sun" dvd in and just dream.

Im linking this post up with Susan over at Between Naps On The Porch...I look forward to every Thursday and get inspired from all the tablescapes that are featured.  I truly do visit each one throughout the day.

Happy 100th Tablescape Thursday Susan!  Thank you for inspiring me to join every week and to give us all a place to showcase our passion.  Whether we are beginners or veterans on Thursdays we are all just ladies who love to set a great table.  Looking forward to 100 more!


  1. This is the second table I have seen tonight that is set for one. How fun and I love that you would do this just for one. This is beautiful and I love your Italian items too.

  2. Oh I love it! I love Italian and rustic decor also. The bottles brought by your hubby are so pretty...Christine

  3. Love your theme, it's so perfect! Look at those awesome rooster plates, they are adorable!

    Isn't it fun to play with dishes? I am happy I found your blog!


  4. What a beautiful table, so cute! I really like the roster plate, you did a really great job. Take care, Mary

  5. My husband also doesn't "get" tablescaping. Must be that pesky Y-chromosome! I'm glad you took the time for yourself to enjoy an elegant lunch setting for one!

  6. How pretty. I love your rooster placque and your gorgeous rooster plates. Such a pretty Tablesetting. Your tuscan theme is so pretty too and all the colors are wonderful. Thanks so much for your gracious comments on my TT. Hugs, Marty

  7. Love your rooster plates, is a cute setting!


  8. Oh, watching "Under the Tuscan Sun" sounds like a wonderful idea! It is great to be able to put together things that remind you of a wonderful time - especially when you are the busy mom of 5!

  9. I love that you set a table for one and celebrate a solitary moment. Good for sanity! Your rustic choices are perfect for your lovely kitchen elements. Thank you for sharing your design. Cherry Kay

  10. It's truly gorgeous! I adore roosters and you have created a beautiful tablescape. Love the gold goblets too.

    Thank your for entering my GC giveaway! I really appreciate your kindness and friendship.

    Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  11. Love your table scape for one! I could enjoy a meal all by myself just fine there:) Cute rooster plate and plaque..totally my style!!~ Debbie

  12. What a cute table! I love the roosters and the wine bottles. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Wow, I'm impressed that you have time to set this lovely placesetting...5 children...one an infant. Busy lady, you are! So glad you take a sec to do a little something just for you...this is so lovely. I love the rooster plaque and plate...I'd feel very special dining here!
    Happy 100th TT! :-)

  14. It's always nice to make the time for a nice table setting for ourselves, once in awhile. Love your rooster plate.

  15. What a pretty setting for one -- My husband just walks through and says, "Tablescaping...again?" Then goes back to TV.


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