Friday, July 30, 2010


Ok so I pretty much blog about whatever is on my mind (which is alot, hence the long paragraphs) If you spoke to me its the same...but everyone loves me anyway (i think).

So have you ever met someone and realized you had alot of the same traits...obviously that isnt always the case with family members.  Even if you live and grow up in the same home with someone, you can be total opposites.

What would the explanation for two sisters (same father, not mother) who were born in the same town, never recall meeting and then one sister moves to another county with her mother and the other remains until later on marrying and also moving to another county.  Do you think that they would be alike or polar opposites?

Fast forward 30 years, living in separate counties in NJ.  One sister has been trying for years to find this sister she knew she had but didnt have any other information due to lack of disclosure from both her mother and father (distant relationship).  In December of 2003 the sister through an online search service is given the information she's been waiting for on her sister.  She calls and leaves a message, a few days later receives a call back (that convo is long and detailed).  The sisters set up a date and meEt at a local mall, the one sister has a little girl that she recently had little J, so the other sister is actually an aunt too.

If you hadnt guessed by now, this short story is about my sister J and myself.   Our first meeting was in our 30's, I already had 3 children and she just had her 1st.   Its been almost 7 years now and although we may not see each other often (she lives in no. jersey/ i live in central).  She is everything I thought she would be and more, we love the same things (her taste is a little bit more exquisite than mine...lol)  But she is extremely creative and talented!  I love her personal style as well as her home style, she just bought another home and Im waiting to see how she transforms it.  Our Father J was a talented man that wasted his talents, he was an amazing artist and I think we get our creativity from him.  Its so strange, we are similar without being around one another to mirror each other.  So I guess it really is in the genes. 

My sister J inspired me to start this blog, she had a blog called Craving Anthropologie for almost 2 yrs. http://cravinganthropologie.blogspot.com/ (check it out) and she also has a design blog called Pinky Brown Inc. http://www.pinkybrowninc.blogspot.com/ in addition as if that wasnt enough.  She is the owner of an Etsy shoppe http://www.etsy.com/shop/pinkybrown2005, I support her and buy from her through her shoppe.  Then she emails me and yells (CAPITALS) at me.   I love that she handmakes gifts for my children for their birthdays and for me too.   I only have a few pictures of the items she has made them but you can see her work in her shoppe.

One day.....I hope to own a shoppe with her so we can spend more time together and have a blast creating fabulous stuff for our shoppe.


  1. Sounds like a very special relationship... one that was meant to be. Enjoy, no one can take the place of a sister.

  2. How fabulous that you found each other and it sounds like you are such good friends. What a treasure. It's wonderful to be making memories together now. Hugs, Marty

  3. First thank your for stopping in and being a new follower! I so wish i had a sister out there somewhere, I have brothers I love them, but it just is'nt the same. Lucky you for finding a life long friend!


  4. What a wonderful story! How cool that you have a sister to share your passions with. You are so blessed!


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