Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Well after a little break from work and as much as I tried to stay away from my laptop I couldnt. lol   I tested the waters of a coastal tablescape.  I was working with what I had and didnt want to purchase any new items so its not elaborate but I think its nice. Hope you like it.

This is on the antique buffet....I liked the taller candle on the table better so I stuck a smaller one in this apothecary jar (remember $3 at Marshalls).
This was my $3 creation from yesterday....all 3 items purchased at Dollar Tree for $1 each.  I didnt use glue because I'd like to use pieces separately as well.
This is the center collage of the table....im not thrilled with the tablecloth and have since removed it (too much to re-photograph this late. lol)  You lose the impression of the clear glass items against the wood table. But we live and learn ladies.
Another one of my apothecary jars...i just placed 3 bags of sea glass in it (Dollar Tree) but I already had it because I have it in a tall glass vase in my bathroom.  Once again, you lose the detail on the base with the tablecloth.
Dollar Tree Beige Plate
Grandmothers Battenburg Napkins
This basket is the basket I purchased the shells in, its decorative of course but I thought it was different. It could always hold a roll.

These shells were in a huge bag of seascape items from Home Goods....I split the bag up and have items in 3 different rooms.
Ive since removed the tablecloth and now will have to hunt down some placemats....back to Dollar Tree!
I like it better without the white tablecloth...think it needs some fish net or something like that to tie it all together.


  1. it's a shame that tablecloths take away from the crystal, but the table cloth is really very pretty. I love using what i have and you did great..

  2. Had to come back to look at the coastal tablescape. It looks great. I love that shell ball thing!

  3. So lovely. I adore the linens -- good thing I'm not close enough to steal them!! Simple is my thing most of the time, so I just love this table.

  4. Very pretty, That tablecloth is amazing!


  5. Hi,
    Your seashells are amazing! I also love your apothecary jars...they are so versatile! I love all your pieces that you've put together, isn't amazing what you can find at dollar stores? Thanks for sharing and for visiting!
    Ms. Sharlotte's...Southern Reflections

  6. I was first struck by that gorgeous tablecloth! Wonderful! Looks like you had fun playing with your dishes and shells and creating a delightful display!

  7. I love your apothecary jar. It really adds to your table. Very pretty!

  8. That tablecloth really is lovely even if it didn't give you the results you were looking for. I love your jars filled with the shells and sea glass.


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