Sunday, July 25, 2010


I dont know how this picture got into my camera.....there were only a few pictures on the card which were of my window treatment from the other day.  I keep my camera in my purse all the time so no one else could've taken it (at least I dont think so)

Im a firm believer in signs, whether you just believe it's a random sign or as I do that it's a sign from above.  I believe you have to follow the signs that God gives you to follow the path he has chosen for you.  I'm not preaching ladies...just what I believe.  Ive endured alot in my life, not all good but I'm still here and always try to keep the faith. 

So as of very recent, the wonderful Big Daddy J and I were discussing relocating to the Carolinas (we vacation there in summer for a week every year).  But then somehow Florida came into play, and then it seemed everyone we spoke to is thinking of moving to Florida.  Whether they're newly moving or friends that are moving back, its just been so ironic.

Ive been searching for houses online and falling in love over, and over and over.   I send my husband pictures to his cell phone saying I think this one is it. lol

So when downloading the photo card and seeing this picture of a perfect blue sky with faint white clouds...without a glare or imperfection.   To me its a sign to look up to him for guidance and pray on this decision we are making.  I believe it is what is best for our family as a whole and for the children.  I don't know if every cloud has a silver lining but I sure hope that these do.

I just wanted to share this pretty picture with you and tell you what it means to me.  Also Saturday was  my grandmother's birthday 7/24 and even though she past on almost 12 years ago I think of her everyday and keep my home filled with her things.   Maybe this picture means she is looking down on me from above.  Tiamo Nonna!!!


  1. Thinking of leaving NJ for Florida!? what the heck? LOL

    I believe in signs also!

  2. I believe HE speaks to us in all different ways. Your picture gives me peace..the clearness of the sky, and warm fluffy clouds.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  3. We moved from Southern California 10 years ago to Charlotte, NC and have never looked back. We didn't want to raise our kids there. We were deciding between 3 cities in North & South Carolina & decided to visit in 1996. Before we actually moved at the end of 1999 we had the opportunity to choose between 2 of those cities, so we visited them both again and decided on Charlotte.
    I believe we are here by divine guidance. I would suggest you visit where you want to move before you make your final decision...
    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog post! Hope you have a wonderful week!


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