Sunday, July 4, 2010


So I was out picking up an ottoman from Craigslist with my son.   We were in a parking lot of a shopping center that happened to have a TJ Maxx!  Now I know this may seem strange to alot of you ladies, but Ive never been to an actual TJ Maxx.  I shop Home Goods, Marshalls but there just wasnt a TJ Maxx that I knew of until right then.   So we go walking in and my son asks what we are getting, and I explained that Im just going to look because Pops (my husband) will not be happy if I come home with any more stuff. (haha....you ladies know that means you've been shopping way too much if you have to start doin it on the sly)

  My son's response " It's okay mama, I will buy you something with my money.  You can think of it as a late mother's day gift!! (Awwwwwwwwwww that's my mama's boy) I said no its okay Im alright with just looking (such a lie.........parents shouldnt lie to their children. lol)

  Of course I head straight to the CLEARANCE section and he's talking about a girl he'd like to buy something for (a sweetheart since Pre-K 3) so he wanted to go to the jewelry section.  I quickly scoured the shelves and just like at Marshalls on top of the highest shelf was this long glass container.  I think its the bottom of an apothecary jar but top was missing.  I checked the sticker on bottom.......$4.50 WOOHOO! He said how much is it mama?  I said "Dude, its only $4.50, she i'm a cheap date.  He replied...ewwww that's kinda gross mama cause I wouldnt date you, your my mother!    I just laughed, I also found a bag of those fun decorative balls for 4.99 and debated on whether I should get them.  He said, "I'll get those too, its the least I can do for you mama, you gave me life".   The 2 ladies in the aisle turned around and were like "OMG, can we have him please, he's so sweet...we've been listening to him talk with you this whole time.  I apologized and said "No I like my mama's boy I think I'll keep him. 

Here are the gifts from my mama's boy......


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