Saturday, July 17, 2010


I know alot of you have seen the show "Cake Boss"...well on Friday I went with my girlfriend to order her daughter Isabella's birthday cake.   Now keep in mind Isa is turning 9 and everyone of her cakes since birth have been from Buddy.   This obviously was before he was famous and on televison, my friend has been getting cakes there for 20 years.

We drive into Hoboken and turn onto the street and I look at my passenger window and notice people gathered together. OMG.....they're not gathered, they're on a LONG, LONG, line!   This line stretched 2 blocks!!!!  I said to my friend "is this the line for Buddy's" she then started to flip out, panic, go histerical (whatever you want to call it) Ive never seen her so upset.    We had to call the bakery and make sure that we didnt have to wait on that line to order this cake for the party NEXT SATURDAY!    Of course we didnt and boy did we get looks when we just cut all those people online. lol  But those were the instructions they gave us over the phone. 

When we got in, I felt like a packed sardine...the place isnt large and it was counter to counter...wall to wall people.  We dont know if Buddy was there, we didnt see him.  Just saw his sister's (who takes the order) and brother-in-law.  I was only able to take these 2 pictures because it was so hot and so many people trying to gets photos it was ridiculous.
Hopefully when we go back next week to pick up the cake its not that hectic and I can take some more pics of the delicious treats.


  1. ANd I bet it was worth every second! I have family in NJ and they go there for their cakes...so cool! We are still on vaca, but I am taking a few minutes to catch up on my blog reading. See you soon...Debbie

  2. Lucky you got in!!! Thanks for your visit! Palm Springs is the best! We actually don't do much as we are always on the go. We sit at the pool, eat and drink way too much, sleep in and have lots and lots of laughs. It's perfection :) Enjoy your week!


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