Monday, July 26, 2010


The fact that we're considering moving down south.....actually probably Florida versus the Carolina's.  Ive been trying to get rid of clutter and put away things in appropriate places.  Under my bed were these 2 boxes...I forgot I put them there.   They hold treasures close to my heart.....My baptism outfit from 1972 ( yes Im a 70's baby and named for the famous 70's singer Melanie) haha.

It needs to be cleaned, its got some yellowing spots (mom didnt pack it up to well) Im thinking of using Susan from BNOTP method that she posted last week with the Oxi .  The other treasure was my grandmothers bed cover and pillow covers.....they're so delicate (as you can see).  I love that the pillow covers are joined and you just lay them over the top of your pillows.  There is also embroidery on the centers of them it says: Amor Mio....which is kinda funny because my grandmother was born in Italy and migrated to Brooklyn with her family so my grandfather can open his bakery there. (I'll do a post on that one day soon)  But Amor Mio is Spanish....and my mothers father was Spanish (from Puerto Rico to be exact) so I guess it all works anyway.

I plan on using them in the new house once I bring them back to pristine condition...it will make me happy to have more of my grandmothers things on display.  I thinks she watches over me and my family because she knows how much I miss her.


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