Monday, December 9, 2013

THE TREE............ - Day 9 Holiday Decor

Well 1 of the trees in the house this year.    My husband insists on a REAL tree but I like to start early so a FAUX tree is best for us decorating addicts.  

There is a battle every year at Christmas on who gets to decorate the tree and why do I have the need for a theme...blah...blah...blah.

My solution... FAUX tree will go in the Family Room and the kids will decorate it with whatever they want (well of course from my hoards of collections...lol) I have to have some control people!  The new house has a Family Room and Living Room so I get the REAL tree (with my theme)... YAY!

So here is our Vintage Junky Ornament Tree in the Family Room.  All ornaments on this tree are handmade, they are also family heirlooms from my grandmother's house and thrifted items.

This is a 6 ft faux tree from Family Dollar

My prized position at Christmas...the manger that my Grandfather Sal made so many years ago.  It goes under my tree every year!

2 of my 3 youngest girls decorating their tree.

Here she is...in all it's funky glory

Top to bottom....it's all vintage awesomeness!

Do you have any ornaments that were passed down, do you have a special ornament in your family?

This is from my Instagram account, this filter reminded me of an old 60's photo.



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