Sunday, December 8, 2013

RUSTIC TABLETOP - Day 8 Holiday Decor

After working on projects for our Christmas tree I decided to jump in early and put together a little something for the dining room table.   This new house has a big room at the back with is where our 2nd living room (family room) and our dining room are situated.

I placed the Christmas tree in between both rooms, next to the back door (which is only used for puppy walking) lol

This is this year's REAL bare tree.

I asked the guy to give me the branches he cut from the bottom of our tree.

Still keeping my burlap runner on the dining table, grabbed this little wood tool box insert for the table

Filled with my cinnamon scented pine cones (love the smell)

Cut and stuck in clippings from the tree (again great smell)

Some vintage brass candleholders and Shabbat candles (I use them often)

Added a gold glass ornament, here and there

The glow is so pretty and the setting is so simple

This year is simple, rustic with a touch of vintage glam.

Here is a shot from the living room side looking into dining room.

So cut some branches, grab a box and some pine cones and have at it!!!!



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