Sunday, December 15, 2013

BAKING STATION DIY - Holiday Decor Day 14 on Day 15

Well due to the snow storm that hit us yesterday....this Part 2 of my Baking Station post did not publish.

Im just sharing a little addition I made to that area of the kitchen, it has it's own archway, which was probably the end of the original house.

I found some pieces of wood that were in almost every closet as shelves.   Im not one for folded clothing, in fact it's a pet peeve of mine.    So when I saw this piece of wood in my daughter's closet...a project came to mind.


Now I've seen them on Pinterest as well as on a few blogs, so I wanted to give it my own spin.

Here iS what I came up with................

Here is the old piece of wood

I pulled out my stencils and a pencil

Quick outline and some black paint...

7 cent Sweets anyone???

How about... Bakery - 7 cent cakes????

Well you can see which one I went with in the end. 



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