Monday, December 16, 2013


Sometimes the excitement of the holidays makes us want to do so much.   That is always the case for me, Holidays just adds a ton more projects for me to complete.

We just moved November 1st, so I haven't had much time to holiday plan.  With unpacking, decorating, then pulling holiday stuff our and trying to come up with themes and decor.

Im just plain exhausted.....this week will be the end of my Holiday Decor run.   I was planning on going all the way till Dec 23rd...but Im done folks.

My beautiful daughter Samayah is turning 7 this Friday and then her Daddy's Birthday is the day after that and then we have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day sooooooooooooooo Im done with tutorials on the blog.

I will be posting pictures on my Facebook page and of course always on my Instagram (Lucky7Design) page as well.

Here is my nature inspired tree.....we got a REAL tree (husband's request) for the big room in the back of the house.  Our Dining room and Living Room are split by this space, so that is the spot I chose for the tree.    Let's just hope the puppies don't rip up all the presents when Santa leaves them!

I used items I had already in my Christmas Decoration collection (hoarder's paradise .lol) I used glass balls, real walnuts, burlap wrapped candy canes, real pine conesl twig nests w/ eggs and handmade ruched burlap garland.

I would also like to add that I have eco-friendly gingerbread mean on my tree.  They are handmade recycled paper figures from my friend in California Kelli Moorhead Bianchi.  She makes amazing paper crafts and jewelry you can check our her Crafting on a Dime Facebook page HERE

The big bare tree

Some twinkle and the balls go on...a sage green and pale gold

Burlap wrapped candy canes

Handmade recycled paper Gingerbread Men

Real Walnuts

My nature themed ornaments

Close up of the top portion of the tree

Here she is......My Mother Nature Inspired Tree

After 3 Kings Day, the glass ornaments and burlap will come off and the tree with the walnuts, pine, cones and nests will go out to the backyard for whatever left over birds are around to enjoy.  

Maybe the girls and I will make some bird see balls for them too!  

- MJ


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