Tuesday, May 31, 2011


On an April junkin trip I came across a beautiful Demi lune table.  It was wood with black legs and brass medallions.  You can see it below on the bottom right.    Yes this was the beginning of my junk pile....lets just say you cant see any of these items now. lol

My friend had been mentioning that she wanted an area by her front door to put her keys and mail.  You all already seen the door to mirror redesign project.   

She really liked this table and wanted to buy it from me....kinda akward to price knowing my FRIEND wanted to buy it.   I take the piece out to look at it more and find the Bombay Company metal tag underneath the top.   She told me to sell it because she said it was a good table.......I decided that it would work perfect in her living room with the mirror piece so this piece is now taken.

1st day of sunshine and it came up on the deck for sanding and painting.  The only damage was some ring marks on the top and the legs were loose.  A little sanding and a screwdriver and all was good.

A coat of Valspar (Seagull Gray) to the wood areas

A coat of bronze spray paint

Valspar  mocha glaze on top

I also painted the medallions to match the legs.

Here is the finished table

Here it is in my friends living room which I just redesigned

Sometimes just like love decorating dont cost a thing! lol  (love throwback J-Lo)


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