Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So for about almost 2 years now Ive been registered with this company called House Party.  It's so much fun you apply to host parties and review products from some of the most awesome companies.   I have done some for Domino's pizza, Wizards of Waverly Place Movie (Disney), Edy's Ice Cream and just was recently selected again to host a party for the House Party 21+ site.

This time it was Tapena Wines (my keyboard doesn't have the accent to go over the N, however my smart phone does...hmmmmm?).  Ive never really been a wine drinker but this is some good tasting wine.     This wine comes from the heartland of Spain, the wine making region of Tierra de Castilla.

It is also affordable to have stock in your home for everyday use.   I purchased a few bottles for my party and was pleasantly surprised with my total.    There are a few different types available Tempranillo, Verdejo  Garnacha and Rose'.   I went with the Tempranillo and Garnacha, this wine is obviously well liked in my area because the Rose and the Verdejo were sold out in 2 different places.

I made a variety of tapas like Olive Tapenade, Asparagus wrapped in Serrano Ham, Chorizo in Garlic Sauce, Sauteed garlic mushrooms, and Empanadillas.  (unfortunately I'm having trouble finding the pics of the food because I uploaded them after the party and had taken pics of the set up before) Its the blogger in me. lol

I used my Spanish Style dining room of course to house this party and used some unique serving items to bring some character to my party.  The religious decor and wood tones really gave it the feeling of Spain.

My oh-so-favorite cross wall


I used a vintage beverage crate to hold some glasses and wine.

This is the Garnacha

These were gift pouches I made for guests...I had great info cards on the wine I was serving, some adorable wines charms, a magnet frame and expressive word magnets.  Also gifted a large wine glass to enjoy this wine at home. 

This is Tempranillo striking a pose

I just love the color and design of them. (of course I saved them all)

I encourage you all to visit Tapena Wines Facebook page, tell them Melanie (Lucky 7 Design) sent you and get a look at some of the other parties that were held all over this weekend!

MAY IS NATIONAL WINE MONTH.....so go out a grab a bottle of Tapena wine!

I'll be throwing another one at the end of the month too.....serving it at my jewelry launch party too!

P.S  go back up to the House party link and sign up and you can be throwing fabulous parties too!

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  1. Hi Melanie...thanks for the visit & the comment! Love your crosses but even more, I love that awesome half-mannequin! It's incredible!

    I watched your video on the Nate show...you are tooo cute!


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