Friday, May 20, 2011


Wanted to share with you some of the artist from the ARTISPHERE festival held down in Greenville, SC last weekend.

You all know how much my family and I enjoyed ourselves there so I will just let the pictures tell the story.

Artist's tent

Glass artist demonstrating

My kids(on the right) watching him at work

They were really into his demonstration

The kids were fascinated by this artists displays

Love the #7 piece

This was an awesome display

This was so amazing...its make from plastic cutlery

the street

Greenville scenery

Church in Greenville (I believe it was Baptist, but I can't remember the name)
I just loved how this looked as we sat at the traffic light.


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  1. Girl you just don't know how awesome it is to see you highlight the place I live & love! It's so cool! I really hope you get to come back! *fingers crossed*

    p.s. the name of that church is on the tip of my tongue and I can't remember--I'll get back to you! lol


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