Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Okay Im going to try and contain my enthusiasm, BUT OMG.....this has got to be one my greatest find yet!  Do I even need to tell you that I found it on Craigslist...yep sometimes my addiction pays off in a fabulous way (at least thats what I tell Big Daddy J) lol

Isnt he beautiful...I would say she but it has a masculine touch to it I think

Love the matching bolster pillows and the wood frame.

Here is the bottom detailing

This sofa is over 93" long and it fit in my mini van (i hated buying one but have come to discover a new found love for it)  She serves my junking trips very well.

The center cushion has already been reupholstered in a very nice green chenille fabric.  They wanted to reupholster it all but then decided to buy a new one instead.

Isnt the side detailing so pretty

This is the fabric and it's in fairly good shape...the cushions need some TLC but the fabric on the frame is OK.

I love the side wood detail too.

This is the back of the sofa...she how good he looks.   Dont mind the big tarp...we got rain yesterday and it is on my front porch so I had to protect him from the weather.

I just want to say that Im so happy that the owner D was so sweet enough to hold this sofa for me while I went away and let me pick it up yesterday.    It was her grandfather's and she wanted it to have a good home.  You all know that I love to find treasures and re-purpose them and sell them to new owners...but this handsome specimen will be staying with me.  I've wanted a long sofa w/wood detailing for ever and to have been so lucky to get one like this I cant even think of letting it go.


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