Saturday, May 28, 2011

MEMORIAL DAY 2011.....Remember!

I've always been the house on the block to decorate for the holidays!   I had a busy year last year with the new baby and getting settled in the new house so this year I wanted to get back to basics.

Although Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday season.   I LOVE PATRIOTIC HOLIDAYS!    In fact RED-WHITE-BLUE decorations go up on our house in May and don't come down till after July 4th.

I think it's the least I can do to honor those fallen soldiers and for the men & women who are risking their lives everyday for us right this very moment.

Nothing rang more true to me than the time of May 2008 to April 2009 when my husband, a U.S. Marine was deployed overseas to Iraq.

Our hero!

The house was decked out in yellow ribbons for a year and our American Flag flew high on our flag pole, below it I honored my husband with the USMC flag below.  When he came home, we had a HUGE Welcome banner on the porch and people beeped as they road by, Vietnam Veterans came to ask him to be Grand Marshall in their parade!  

Our old little farmhouse (built 1912)

Im grateful to have him home for this 2nd year and I pray for those who weren't so lucky and for those missing their loved ones who are still fighting.

Here are some small decorations that went up this week.   I have to add more but it was a busy, hectic week but I will be adding some more and have a special project for the outside planned as a tribute.

The right side of the yard...Our flag flying 

My Uncle Sam telephone pole person

My Red-White-Blue birdbath with some beautiful turquoise!  I used this color scheme last year for a patriotic bbq for my husband's police academy graduation here (See Pics Here)

I hung my patriotic coffee filter garland outside this year.

Little magnets on our vintage milk box.  A antique red lantern on top.

Our flags fly for honor.....POW-MIA, U.S.A., USMC

View of front door wreath and my 2nd favorite Marine

Close up of my patriotic garland and my tin stars.

My RED-WHITE-BLUE-TURQUOISE handmade wreath from Leighann of A Crafty Southern Chick
She made a similar one for herself, I emailed her and asked her to make me one because it matched my birdbath...turns out she had the same birdbath down in South Carolina (seriously, we have way too much in common).  Check out her NEW line of wreaths!

My wooden U.S. Marine that guards our porch 24/7 with his loyal bulldog!  

SO I ASK OF YOU ALL.....as you decorate your porch, your table and your house fills with family & friends to BBQ and have pool parties.   

Please take the time to remember those who have given their lives for this country and it's people!  Pray for those who are doing it still today!   Thank the ones who have returned home and trying to get back to the normal life they left behind!

Let them know that it's not just ONE DAY that we remember and our grateful for what they've done, but every night that we lay our heads on our pillows!

Thank you!

We are thankful and remember our Marine everyday!


  1. A big thank you to you and your hubby for all the sacrifices your family has made.
    Thank you from my family to yours :)

  2. Amen sister..our house is always decked out with the patriotic from memorial day through labor day.
    Our hero is in the air force and is home this year..next year it is off to afghanistan again.
    thanks to your hubby and to all of them who sacrificed time away from their families so others could have that time. And to those who sacrificed the ultimate - their lives so we could have the lives we have now..

  3. God Bless You, Corporal Joseph! Thank you, your unit, and every single man & woman for sacrificing and serving so that we may all live free and in peace. Love, Angi

  4. Many, many thanks to your hubby :) And to you! Military families make many sacrifices as well!

    (I appreciate the shout out too! xo)


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