Monday, May 16, 2011


While in Greenville SC this weekend, I was lucky enough to attend a yearly festival they call Artisphere.  It was amazing, the whole downtown area was filled with tents featuring artists and their creations.  I will be doing a post later this week but I wanted to feature this lady especially because her art was so special.

You all know that Im a lover of repurposing and a self proclaimed Repurposing Princess.  When my family and I were walking past this tent it immediately caught my eye.  I told Big Daddy to grab a hold of the stroller and I wandered right in.....I was in awe of all the things I saw.

The artists name is Amy Flynn and she is the creator of Fobots.   Her business card title is actually a Senior Fobotologist ( I love that).    The robots are given that name because they are Found Object Robots...hence Fobots!    The objects used and way that these robots are created is amazing.

Here is Amy explaining to my son how she started

I asked if I could take some pictures and she generously agreed.   I just had to share this with all my junk loving chicks out there.   I was literally drooling in there and my 12 year old asked Amy how she started creating these robots....her answer to him what that she really loved flea markets.   He yells loudly to me in the tent..."You here that Mama, she's like you!" I just laughed. lol

But I hope that you will take the time to visit her site and she the wonderful imagination that she has to take everyday items, junk, pieces and turn them into these amazing sculptures.  I was so mesmarized I didnt ask for pricing on her robots but I love this art and think that I will have one of these one day soon in my house.

A corner display of awesome creations

Amy explaining to my son how she started her creations

Really look at all the part of her designs

Some of her robots on display in her booth

She has everything from old band-aid boxes, tin molds, billard balls, old camera parts.....I mean it is just a junker's heaven and I was loving every minute of it.

Amy is based out of Raleigh, North Carolina and I'm going to give you what information I have from her business card and Im sure you can google her too.

                                                                        iFobot Gallery
                                                                      Amy's Wordpress blog


  1. We have a ton of amazingly talented people in the triangle area of NC...maybe you should move here instead..

  2. LOVE THESE!!! at first glance, i thought "ugh" sci-fi... Wrong-O!!! I love Estelle and the Fairy Bot-mother. The names truly fit their personalities!!! would love to see in real life!


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