Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Falls Park

Big Daddy coming down one of the pathways

A fountain area that local kids were enjoying...so I let the kiddos join in.

Building on the water ( I love the Lion King so I had to take this pic)

From the side area

Another shot of the rocks/water

This building was just too cool not to photograph

The trees down in SC just have great shapes

So beautiful

The kids were begging to go down and touch the rocks....but not on this side. lol

Beautiful..it was so pretty and peaceful

View of the walking bridge

Kids on the overlook deck (minus the baby who was napping)

Big Daddy and I on the overlook

Name sign

View back up the fall

Such pretty views

Beautiful Hydrangea bushes ... I had blue ones at my old house :( 

What an amazing hillside landscape

I just loved the texture/color of this wall (kids thought I was weird for taking pic of it)

Big Daddy J and "Maya J" walking in the falls on the rocks.

"KeKe was down for the count...she slept almost the whole time we were there...woke up as we headed to the car.  Yay!

This little guy was very friendly after I shot this, he walked right up to the kids feet.

"Xander" & "NiNi" were dying to touch the water

My "too cool" teenager let me snap a photo (she asked me not to post it...hehehe)

"Xander" posing for his Mama

There are these cute little swing areas all around...I took a pic of my kiddos (baby still napping. lol)

I strongly recommend that if you are heading into the Greenville County area, you visit Falls Park it is truly a sweet little paradise in the middle of downtown.  Kind of reminded of Central Park in NYC. 

We happened to be very lucky that there was a festival going on called Artisphere (I will be posting about this next) such amazing artists showcasing their work to the public and the whole area was just filled with music, food, art and culture.   

YAY!  GREENVILLE....you definately showed us a GREAT TIME!



  1. Oh! These pics are beeeeeeauuuutifull, as is the family!

  2. Hey Mel! The building you like on the water, it's called Larkins and it's part of a restaurant downtown...it's a popular venue for weddings...it's really gorgeous! I've been once for an event...I'm so glad you got to see Falls Park, I hope you get to come back so we can meet in person!!! :)

  3. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Beautiful pictures!

  4. Love all the pictures and your kids are adorable!


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