Thursday, May 19, 2011


Today I went to pick my daughter up and as I was waiting outside her high school all of a sudden I see these men come out of the house and start putting stuff out on the curb.  I didn't want to embarrass  my daughter in front of her friend...who is a boy. lol

So before they made their way to the car I explained to the man that I was picking up 2 kids and had a baby in the car, could he put the things aside in the driveway and I would come back in an hour. He agreed because he just wanted to minimize the pile...in our town you have to pay $30 for a bulk garbage pick up.

And so he put the small side table, lamp, rocker aside for me.   When I came back, he had put out everything else you see here plus more.  But Im only picking items I know that I will paint and resell, or that I will use in my own home or for projects.

Still looking for a small storefront on our Main Street downtown area but rents are outrageous.  I have a plan and hoping to make it all happen this summer while still here in NJ.

Here is my scoop from today (yes I had to make 2 trips) but so worth it.

This is actually a flip top table

matching end tables (hardware for the one on right is in drawer) lol


Wood stool

leather top table

Solid wood rocker w/ gold accent design


For those of you heading south to Virginia for the Luckett's event.   Make sure to stop by and see Marion....Miss Mustard Seed herself!   Im sure her pavilion will be filled with treasures and I know she has 2 more spaces where see will have her goodies for sale.

Joining up to this fabulous partys:

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special



  1. WOW!!! Your finds are amazing!! I don't blame you one bit for taking them all! ha. I bet they turn out gorgeous, you'll have to post after pictures. Thanks so much for sharing your blog!! xoxo

  2. You so SCORED didn't you? Can't wait to see it all. Wow that footboard is gorgeous - it would make a nice sign for your soon to be storefront...

  3. Holy canole batgirl..you sure did SCORE didn't you? I can't wait to see it all done. The footboard is gorgeous- would make a nice sign for your soon to be store front..

  4. What an awesome day you had!! great finds!!!

  5. Way to go! I love finding treasures along the road like that! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I agree with Tammy above! GREAT Idea for a Store front sign :D

  7. Can't wait to see what the finishing products!


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