Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I'm working on the kitchen area right now.   I have decided on keeping and painting the buffet piece, however I have nothing to hang above it.   I previously had artwork, then the big metal hotel mail holder.

I wanted a plate rack or something like that.............so onto Craigslist I go again.   I didn't really find anything quite like what I had in mind.

Then I was in the garage and found a shelf piece a friend of mine gave me for my shop.   I brought it in and it was scratched up but already painted in the Vintage White chalk paint I was using on buffet.

This pic was when I originally painted it for the shop

Called in Big Daddy to help with the installation because this baby is solid wood and heavy as heck.

Here is the finished shelf   

It is filled with Spring/Easter treasures ....more of the whole area in another post HERE


* this was suppose to post up yesterday...i dont know what happened Blogger ?????

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  1. Your shelf looks so cute! It puts me in the mood for spring.


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