Monday, March 11, 2013

WHEN MY LOVE IS AWAY.................

My husband went on an overnight trip with the guys to Atlantic City.   While he was away I decided to do the Master Bedroom over.    I had already started to buy some items and stored them in a box.

I thought him returning home to a new room would be fun, and I just needed a reason to redo this room because I wasn't liking what we did when the new made came during the holidays.

The paint color is from Valspar Woodrow Wilson Linen and it was already painted months ago.   On my to do list for this room was:

Change curtains to burlap or linen fabric
Change bed linens
Change out husband's nightstand
Remove my nightstand altogether
Bring in wood shelving unit
Make Chalkboard out of old painting
Frame Bob Marley picture (gift from me to love years ago) Inspiration colors for the room
Hang handmade tin shelf piece
Bring in some romantic accessories
Declutter the top of husband's vintage dresser

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED...........................take a look!

One of my favorite photo object pieces by local artist 
A chalkboard I made from an old ugly painting

His side of the bed...less is more. lol

Vintage bamboo piece filled with lots of collected treasures

New curtains from IKEA, unfortunately I had to move one of my craft closets in here..but I have a plan to make it blend in better. 


Vintage doors with my daughters custom made prom dress (all vintage lace)  on top is an antique wicker baby scale.

Ribbons hanging on the closet door hook, awesome throw blanket my sister Jenn gifted me.

This picture of Bob Marley was a gift I bought for my husband years ago when we were dating. It was the color inspiration for the room.

No...the B and M aren't for Bob Marley.    Those happen to be our initials...lol

Vintage metal tray I found at local flea market

Vintage dresser with added wall display

- MJ

Curtains - IKEA
Bedspread - IKEA
Sheets - Burlington Coat Factory
King Shams - Home Goods
Throw - Target
Vintage Dresser - Yard Sale
Wall shelf - DIY project
Photo Art - Val's Photo Art (valm36@AOL.com)


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