Monday, March 4, 2013


Technically it was done Sunday night into Monday morning....I don't go to sleep till after 2 a.m. most nights.

I got this buffet last year from a women who was clearing out her aunt's home and I just loved it.   Only thing for me was just too much wood, I have been waiting to paint it for a while.  No time like the present.

This is a picture of it when I had it in front of the check out area in the shop.  It is a Pennington Pine piece and very well made.

I haven't seen these old friends of mine in awhile....I was excited.

I also figured I would paint the old toolbox I picked  up at the flea market on Saturday

Here is the finished piece.....Big Daddy and I had a little discussion and oddly agreed that the center draws should remain natural wood finish.

Excuse the odd photo, Im trying to hide the rest of the vignette....you see this is now part of a new kitchen area....there are lots of projects going on here.  I will be sharing them all as they are completed.


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