Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I love Christmas trees, I need to have more than one because of my love for different styles and themes.  From a young age I remember my mother pulling out tons of boxes (it was the 70's not plastic tubs back then...lol)   and she would decide what the year's theme would be for the Christmas tree.

I thought I would just share some of the trees in my home this year

Our BIG outdoor tree year round

This year's Peacock tree in the living room

Simple red/green trees on the table for Christmas morning breakfast

Prayer card tree in the dining room

Dove tribute tree in the dining room

Trees in the studio w/ Shiny Brites

My 1st white tree in the studio

Trees in the kitchen for a party

My Nonna's eucalyptus tree with cookie press ornaments

And the latest....simple woodland tree to accent Santa (on loan from my mother's home)

I didn't count many we have this year, but I know we didn't do our tree downstairs in the football room like last year.   Just too much going on right now, but we will back in action next year!

How many trees do you display in your home for the holidays??

Happy Holidays...from my home to yours!

- MJ


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