Sunday, December 4, 2011


Thrifty Decor ChickMy Holiday copycat story goes like this.....

I had an idea while working on my jewelry line that I wanted to do a Peacock themed Christmas tree.  Let me explain....I was making peacock earrings. lol  

So I wanted to look around and see what had been done before and so I did a Google image search.   I saw some trees, some tacky, some nice and one in particular that drew me in.

The tree was gorgeous and when I clicked it brought me to the page of a fellow blogger who I adore...Artie of Color Outside The Lines.   It then didn't surprise me why the tree was so beautiful, he has such and eye for detail and such eclectic taste.

I of course reached out to him and told him the story and how now Im even more inspired by his 2009 tree to create a wonderful peacock tree of my own this year.

This tree is beyond gorgeous with all of the details

Those are lanterns wired into the tree

Love the gold w/ the blue

Well the story gets better, I received a box in the mail from Artie with tons of treasures.  He said in his card that he hoped it could be a small step in the Peacock Tree of my dreams...

SERIOUSLY.....it was a Christmas tree kit!   LOL   It brought tears to my eyes (yes, I literally cried while unwrapping every ornament and bauble.  I took every jewel and gem in that box and sprinkled it all over my living room and pulled out what I had in my Christmas Collection Stash to compliment it.

This has been a tough time for my family, but Artie made my week so this post is a tribute to him and my Copycat tree of his masterpiece.

Here is the Peacock Tree of my dreams...with all of the precious gifts on it.

Top half...

I didn't have any lanterns so here is what I did...I set a Violet Velvet box inside one of the branches and perched an Emerald green bird filled with gold balls.    

Bottom half

Even the card he sent me was beautiful..the words on the inside too!


You all can check out his fabulous blog HERE


he was featured in the newspaper which is just the same as magazine to me, you can see it HERE


Let the parties begin.....


Thrifty Decor Chick


  1. *gasp*

    MELANIE. That tree is BEAUTIFUL, you did an amazing job! I mean...wow! It looks like something from a magazine! Love!!!

  2. Hi Melanie! I love your tree, so colorful and full of life and whimsy. Glad you shared it with the party.

  3. LOVE LOVE this tree!!!!! I'm pinning it to pinterest.

    visiting from www.virtuouswomanexposed.com

  4. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous, you did such a great job MJ, and now you have me thinking about the peacock tree in a whole new way! I'm so glad that you were able to use those decorations, and I had no idea it'd go that far! Course, then I tend to over-do it! LOL! It looks beautiful, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your lovely Family in your beautiful home this year. We'll be thinking of you!


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