Sunday, December 18, 2011


This is an open letter to Cancer personally from me.   This post might not be for everyone, but I share things on my blog about life!  The good, the bad, the ugly doesnt just apply to decorating.

Dear Cancer

I loathe you, despise you, get sick at the thought of you, when I hear your name...it makes my skin crawl.  I HATE YOU CANCER.

You want to know why I can say that I HATE YOU...I mean hate is such a strong word and all.  Well I feel not only qualified but justified in my right to hate you...and here is why!

I was born way back in the 70's to my unwed parents, my waitress mother and an alcoholic-abusive father.   Thankfully my mother walked away and we moved on from that.

When I was about 8-9 years old while on a vacation to Florida for one of my brother's basketball finals, my mother was introduced to a man named David.   He was a recently divorced father of 2 boys and they started dating.

This is David (a.k.a Dave)

Well we did family vacations and all sorts of stuff for the next 10 years and in 1991 after his youngest son and I had turned 18 he and my mother were married.    He was officially my father by law.

I didn't have a close relationship with my father at all, and he in fact was diagnosed with CANCER (yes you in 2006 and died).    I didn't like you then, but you didn't cause me pain because of my estranged relationship with him.  However you stole a grandfather to my children...even if they didnt know him the way I did.

During this same time my stepfather David was battling your wrath as well, you started in his colon, then you attacked his lungs, liver and kidney.   Basically you just kept tryin and tryin...... I guess you really wanted to get your point across.

Guess what??????   You were messing with the wrong man.   David was a stubborn Irishman who wasn't gonna let some Cancer take him down.   He fought you, and fought hard.    His medical file is over 2 inches thick and the doctor's called him a champ and a fighter.    

That makes you a loser!!!

Now I guess you came up with a plan sometime this year while he was in remission and decided you wanted to attack him once and for all and win this battle.    So a few weeks ago we found out , you now were not only in his lungs, kidney but you played dirty and went for his brain.  

Now he wasn't discouraged, he started his radiation and did what he needed to do, but being the sore loser you are you just couldn't let him defeat you again.  So you became more aggressive and now attacked him so hard that he is in bed and can barely speak.


This man deserves a better way, a better life... you have no idea the man he is or the things he has done in his life.

He was a father to me from the time I was 8 years old even if it wasnt official.   He gave me 2 brothers I didnt have before and a life and childhood that I enjoyed and appreciated in comparison to the one I was born into.  He was there at my wedding, and was there for my children.  He was their grandfather!

He took in my sister's son when she wasn't capable of raising him and raised that boy to 18 yrs of age.  He then took in her daughter as well, he and my mother adopted her and have been raising her for the past 11 years since she was 3 months old.

This is the type of person who you choose to take from this world?   How about you attack the low life murderers and killers who prey on little children and helpless people.   Why would you take someone who helped to save a child's life.   Who chose a career to teach and guide children.

He was a teacher and a educational administrator for 37 years in a trouble school district, but he was there and did his job.   This is the type of person who you choose to attack??

Your a coward, a punk...you can fight but guess what you will never win!  

Anyone who knew my father, knows that he fought you and kicked your ass as best he could.   If you would've kept it even,  and not got dirty you would've never got him down.

He may be in his last days of life, but he is loved by all of his children and his 14 grandchildren.  He is respected by his family and friends.

What are you????

You are a sickness, a disease that makes people sick.  You are nothing good, you are evil.    You are hated, despised and nobody has anything good to say about you!

So in the end, which will be any day now.   David....my father won, because you are nothing!   He is everything you aren't good, loved, respected and most of all will be received by his God and will finally be at peace.

To me he is Pops and although he won't be able to read this....I know that I have stood up for him and told you that I hate you for taking him from my family.

I love you Pops and will miss you very much!!!

To my friends and readers I remind you.....get you yearly checkups and required tests.  Do not let this bastard CANCER get the best of your family!



  1. i lost my father to cancer 4 months ago, and of course i had the same thoughts. one morning we heard gunshots in our usually quiet neighborhood, and it was one neighbor (a man of 82) waiting for another neighbor and he killed him, a man of 42, in the morning b/c he didn't like him working on his house and making noise. really. cancer doesn't take that man, to stop him from doing what he did, but it took my 63 year old father.

    you just have to take things one day at a time, and stay strong. i know going into the holidays, the first without my father, how difficult it will be.

  2. Thank you for standing up and writing this letter. Your father already knows how you feel deep inside - he doesn't have to read this. A beautiful tribute letter. I wish you all well.



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