Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Every have that something happen to you and you realize how lucky you are.   Well today was that day for me, I cant believe Im sitting here typing this but I have so much nervous energy right now I gotta get it out.

Today was a yucky rainy day here in Jersey, my son missed his bus and the 4 year old stayed home.  So that made for 3 of the 5 kids home today with me.

Everything was going fine, I was photographing some new jewelry pieces and posting them up on Facebook.  Nothing out of the ordinary right?.....

It was getting close to lunchtime so I put the l year old (bday yesterday) down for a nap.  And the other 2 asked for some Ramen soup, so I put the pot on and I threw 2 tortillas in the toaster oven.

I walked away for 10 seconds and I smelled something...I turn my head and the whole kitchen is full of smoke I look at the toaster oven and smoke is literally funneling out of all of the holes!   I grab it by the handle, which if anyone ever watched BACKDRAFT..you never open a door!  Same applies to toaster oven doors.

Flames shot out at me, the whole thing started flaming up!  I had to get it out of the house...I had 3 kids here! I stuck my hand behind it and pulled out the plug, they yelled for my son to open the back slider doors.  I picked it up (flames and all) and ran out and off the deck (wood) and onto the driveway.

I then went to go get the hose, but guess what it was disconnected. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!   So I tell me son to bring me some water.

Bless his little heart....he literally brought me a plastic kids cup of water.   When I throw the water on it, it just gets worse.  Then I noticed that the BBQ was out and only 2-3ft away.  Flames are flying from this little stainless monster.

I tell my son to call 911 because I dont think Im gonna get this under control and Im afraid the tank is going to  get hit with a spark and blow.

I find the mop bucket and run inside, the house is full of smoke.  I tell my son to put jackets on himself and sister and get out of the house onto the deck for fresh air.  I fill the bucket and fun outside and dump it all onto the oven....it starts to sizzle and smoke ridiculously but no flames.  So I do it again...

My son is calmly reporting to the dispatcher our address and answering questions, I then get on the phone and tell them that I think I got it under control.  Call ended.

Phone rings....Police dept calling to double check.  I tell them Ive got it under control, officer says they will send someone out to check anyway.  I say OK.

5 minutes later......SIRENS!    Police car, fire dept chief SUV, fire truck, volunteer vehicles....approx 12 cars show up on my quiet block like a noisy St Patricks Parade and they come to the back to see this...

Now it may seem small but dont let the size fool you.  This little bad boy was blazing and you can see from the glass door that once was clear.   That crater spaceship looking thing....was my lunch a nice toasted tortilla.

It only takes a few seconds so please be careful when you are using your ovens...toaster, convection, free standing, or cooktops.

My house smells of smoke and so do I....so for the rest of the day besides airing out the house I will count my blessings that

1. My 12 yr old son was here to help
2. I didnt panic(well i did, but) I worked well under the pressure
3. Kids listened to instructions.
4. God still has work for me here.

Blessings to everyone, life is short ....today was my Wake Up Call!

Linking this up...because I think it's so appropriate that I never had lunch and lost my appetite!


  1. Whoa! Way to keep it together Mama! I had a small car incident yesterday and ended up with a nasty bent rim and flat tire (pothole - boo)! I was thankful no one was behind me...it could have been so much worse!

    Blessings to us both, hey? Aside from smelling like a campfire, how are you today?

  2. Oh my gosh!!!!! You are so lucky, it could have been so worse; but yet SO scary!!!!! I don't know what I would have done in that case, I am not sure I could have been so calm! You did a great job!

    I seriously hope the rest of your day goes quietly! Take care!!! Jodi

  3. yikes! sounds scary, but thank goodness you and your son handled it, and all is ok. i'm so glad!

  4. WOaH. Good for you for staying (somewhat) calm. I would have freaked. Sounds like you have a responsible son too! Lucky days and instances like these truly do make us appreciate things more. Great link up!

  5. Glad you guys are alright. That must have been scary! Way to stay calm under pressure.


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