Monday, March 21, 2011


This Saturday we had our daughter's 1st birthday and usually every party is a big deal.  Well this year with all that is going on between the kiddos, Big Daddy, 4 room makeover and the jewelry line.  Not too mention blogging for myself as well as Haddad and doing product reviews....let's just say I'm A Busy Mama!

So here are a few shots that I took during the party...the theme was Abby Caddabby because she is a huge fan of her and Sesame Street.   By fan I mean of course that as soon as the theme song comes on she will stop dead in her tracks and look towards the TV. lol

Eating/Cake area

Start of the table settings

Tableware in pink/purple

Party Favors for the kids:  Color me flower pots & Abby puzzle

Abby headgear ( I love it instead of party hats)

View of puzzle favor and bow tie skills.

Big sis in her Abby fairy dress.

Kiddos at the table for cupcakes.

Other big sis and her bff's Isa & Tazia

My beautifully iced niece Jordyn

She finally woke up from her nap and I gave in and let her dig in.



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