Thursday, March 17, 2011


While I can't show photos of what transpired  completely when we appeared as guests on The Nate Berkus Show.  However I can show you some candid photos of my husband and I with the girls in our green room area.

Our green room name tag 

Me anxiously waiting...that's my little one asleep in her stroller (Im blessed)

My 4 yr old was on her best behavior and showing off her Nate cookie. lol

Once she woke up...mama was prepared with a fresh bottle. 

Daddy keeping her busy & happy

I was in love with this little seating area.

Of course as always there is a sidenote to this post:

I'm a big believer in signs as in we have a path set for us and we need to follow his signs to get us there.  Well as some of you may recall I attended the Nate show the week that Elizabeth Edwards was a guest and I was a huge fan of hers and was planning on visiting her shop The Red Window in Chapel Hill this summer.

Sadly she lost her battle with cancer (I posted about it) and we lost a brave and talented woman.  I thought it was quite relevant that out of all the guest rooms (and there are alot)..... the one chosen for us had a photograph from Nate's interview with Elizabeth. 

Tune in on March 28th on NBC Channel 4 ....to see my cover be blown!


  1. I was noticing that picture too of Elizabeth. Looks like a fun day. Going to write it down on my calendar so I don't miss you!

  2. Oh, you looks so calm sitting there! :) I can't wait to watch! :)


  3. Melanie- That's my birthday March 28! I'll tune in!

    I got tickets to see a taping of The Nate Show Tuesday March 15 after a NYC conference, but then found out there were "bonus" Tuesday conference sessions! So I had to cancel. We you on the March 15 taping - if so I missed seeing you in person, as well!

    Then they sent me a nice email asking if I could make any tapings this week. Nope, little ones at home! Another time, right?



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